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re restricting a lam? can it be done

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by idontlikemondays, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. i was just curious because im giving serious consideration to buying a 620 monster, went to the local duk dealership and they said that they had heaps of 620s 2nd hand, but all had been unrestricted, and they wouldnt re restrict them, the problem being the RTA keeps a record of these things. from what they said it was a mechanical block on the throttle body.
    so can a bike be "rerestrcited" for all legal purposes?

  2. As far as I know, and this is from the head sales guys at Central Coast Motorcycles, is that if the bike was originally registered as a LAMS bike then reregistered once it's been deristricted, then yes it can go bakc to being LAMS. But, if it was never registered as a LAMS bike in the first place, then it can never be LAMS approved.

    Context: We were discussing the GV650 vs the GV650L (the LAMS approved version).
  3. When the dealer de-restricts them they change its model number with RTA so its no longer the LAM's version.
    I think only the dealer can reverse it, if anyone.

    Looks like they wont play ball, if they could Im sure they would re-restrict the bikes they have there because the LAM's version is the one in demand and easier for them to sell.

    If you de-restrict it yourself then RTA have no record, but that comes with other potential problems with insurance.
  4. thanks for the info.
    yeah they were pretty adamant about not reinstalling the restrictor. i was also interested in the M620, not the dark or the lite, which doesnt apear on the lams list, but according to ducati is a LAM. im not at all interested in derestricting it my self, i kow the cops do background checks if your caught speeding, or even an rbt sometimes. not worth the hassal. the only real reason i want to upgrade is cause i want to do long haul trips, done that on the two fiddy and its wearing and uncomfortable, and i found out that the 620 has very similar fuel economy to the bike ive got now.
    again thanks for your help, might have to try another dealer, or wait the 45 bloody mintues on the phone to talk to the rta.