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Re-Restrict Ducati Monster 620

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rdkls, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Looking at monster 620s, saw a lovely one interstate.
    So to register here (as LAMS) I assume I need an inspection, which would check for the restrictor.
    Any advice on refitting this? I notice it's just a bit of metal riveted - or bolted :] on - which stops the throttle opening all the way .....
    Perhaps I could look at getting one machined?
    I hear places in the UK sell em?
    Any experience to share?

  2. I found the part number is apparently "ZDM-R13"
    pic (modified to use a bolt rather than rivet)

    and apparently
    "Reforma consistente en reduccion de la potencia real del motor a 24kw, por sustitucion de una placa limitadora de la apertura del acelerador, situada en el cuerpo de inyección, referencia: ZDM-R13. Relacion pot.max/MMA es 0,067kw/kg"
    heh heh those crazy italians ....
  3. Hey, thats a pic of the restrictor on my bike...where'd you get that? you stalking me ?! :LOL:

    I'm off restrictions now so that's why the lower part was unbolted and moved to unrestrict it (they use those rivet head type screws to try and stop people from removing the restrictor but it's easy enough to either unscrew them or bend the restrictor away).

    I bought the bike (with restrictor tab bent) from NSW, rode it down to VIC and got a RWC (they didn't check or care about the LAMS/Restrictor thing). Then I went to the RTA and they didn't check/care about the restrictor either - I just said to the RTA person that it's a LAMS bike so make sure the rego sticker has LAMS on it. They looked it up on their computer and I had to explain to them which bike it was in their list...I could have had a 1098 and probably convinced them it was LAMS...(probably depends which person you get at the RTA though...)

    Those restrictor plates are available from Ducati - although I think they charge a bit to install them (I seem to recall some stupid amount like $400ish...!?) so you're better off doing it yourself if possible...
  4. Haha! Mr.Scorpio, I got it off a ducati forum I swear - did you post it?
    In the thread there was mention they're meant to be riveted on,
    but yours had the bolt, looked like previous owner had kindly done a dodgy (which I would want to do)

    Very good info red: registering ..... verrrrrry good .......
    (resists buying 1098 ...)
    (looks at plane ticket prices .....)
  5. Changes the motor to restrict the power of the motor to 24kw, (moving the location of the limiter/installing the limiter) affects the throttle opening (and somehow this affects the main injectior/this is located in the main injection..unsure).

    Most likely they are saying "the limiter that prevents the throttle opening all the way is located on the injector throttle body and this will restrict the bike to 24kw / .067kw/kg"

    All of which I'm sure you knew, or had figured out!
    Although it's an Italian bike, that appears to be Spanish :?
  6. haha those crazy italians, now they're talking in spanish what'll they do next ....
  7. Hire a Spaniard to replace an Aussie???
  8. From memory you can't legally get any of the restricted LAMS bikes re-restricted: once the paper work has been changed from "Restricted" to "Unrestricted" you're stuck with it. If it's not on the LAMS list for the state you're in (Vic right?) you haven't got a chance in hell, unless there's some some paperwork bungles on Vicroads part, (which there has been! :LOL:)

    The trick is to not tell the gubment nuffin.

    If the paperwork is all in order, ie it has never been officially unrestricted you will be fine. I doubt Vicroads would even bother checking if the restrictor itself was still fitted to be honest.
  9. Yeah someone else said that
    but someone else said something which makes more sense
    which is to re-register as LAMS you just ..... re-register as LAMS (ie let rego lapse or move it interstate) .....
    a friend of a friend's cousin's father said that always works

    As for Italians - haha
  10. yep it depends what model the mechanic puts down on blue slip.