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Re Registrating a Bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by DUK35, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Hey guys - I got a CBR that I'm fixing and it's unregistered cos the bike hasn't been used for 1+ years. (it's actually owned by my Friend who doesn't ride anymore)

    after I fix it all up - what must I do to get the rego?? and how much will it cost? does it need those pink slips or green slips or whatever slips?

    I'm really new to this whole vehicle rego thing - thanks for your help,

  2. once you have the bike back to a reasonable condition get a 28 day transport regestration and ride it to a motorcycle shop that does RWC road worthyness certificates... Should cost 50 -75 for the certificate.

    They will either pass you motorcycle or give you a list of problems taht need to be addressed. Take that peice of paper showing passed to a transport office and fill out your regestration forms... pay your ctp and your licence plates and your on the road....

    welcome to the club.
  3. thanks ward !!!

    alottA money just to get a non running bike on the road eh!
  4. Blue slips cost like $60, just ride it over to your local garage and they should do it just like that unless your need to book it in.

    Car garages i find are better as they don't even look at the bike.
  5. not really if you love the bike... :cry:
  6. Make sure you book it in that is your only proof that you aren’t just going for a ride on an unregistered bike.
  7. ehh listin to me not them.
    U will need a blue slip which will cost u 25-35 bucks. Ring ahead to the workshop and book it in and get ur id number. Any workshop that is authorised for blue can do bike blue slip.

    If the mechanic wants to do a identity check slap him on the back of the head and show him the date of manuafacture not the compliance plate. If he doesnt listen go to someone that does.

    Order a green slip from an insurance company. U may have to walk into their branch. Some will do it via phone and send it straight to the RTA.

    Stroll down to the RTA and get ur rego and plates if needed.

    Jump on the bike get on the M2 pay the bloody $4.40 and see if u can hit 200Kmph
  8. Stuff that go on the freeway, the great western or parramatta rd. :LOL:
  9. lol might aswell rip ur plates of if u go on parra road.
    M2 at night is deserted.
  10. Plates, what is this you speak of?
  11. Crutch covered just about everything off but check out this link for RTA charges http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/registrationfees/index.html

    Hopefully you've got the old rego papers. When I got my last bike Blue Slipped to transfer from interstate rego, the only difference between that and a pink slip was the checking of engine and VIN numbers

    Where abouts in Sydney are you?

    Don't go to a bike shop (although not many do them from what I found) - they might find something wrong, whereas the car workshop just want their $32 and if tyres, horn, lights OK and doesn't have any leaks, all should be fine

    Good luck with it all