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RE: Recommended Mechanic around Sunshine, Melbourne

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by inner_cent, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Need some recommendation here. My bike hasn't been running since last time I did a good thing of changing the oil myself. After changing the oil, the motorbike did start and run OK for about 30 sec (I started without the tank), and then it died out (Presumably no oil ...) Then I cleaned out teh air filter, and put the tank baack on, and try to start........ Nothing..... Check there is fuel in the carb, as I tried draining it... Tried bump start, still won't do that. It just crank, but not compression.

    Then I have to move house........

    Move to new location, problem still the same, and occasionally back fire (very small and soft). I tried cranking till now it is out of juice. Re-charged and tried agains till the same result.
    After spoken to afew people on the Suzuki bandit Forum (My bike is 91 Suzuki 250 bandit), they suggested to clean out the carb and etc. I tried cleaned it out and still have the same problem.

    Now it si slightly over 3 months, and bike jsut sitting there and doing nothing. Really want to sort this out and back in riding again......
    As I am mechanically challenged (Can do some mechanical work if have simple instruction and understand exactly what is the problem), would
    probably calling in a mechanic to look at it. As I don't have a trailer to take the bike to local mechanics, does any one recommend one that do a decent job without robbing me, and willing to pick it up around St. Albans/Sunshine area?

    PS - I'm in the process of changing my chain and sprocket. If they doing a good job, I might as well through it in for them to do it ........
  2. Yep, give Balls a call
  3. Cool.. Thanks guys ... will try give them a call after I sort out a few minor issues on the bike... mostly cosmetic stuff... eg. cracked Front Mud Guard that a taxi reversed into me 1 yr ago ....... which want to fix it up now before take it there.
  4. could be old fuel
  5. I will try fresh fuel once I put my bike back together :) ... Thanks for the advice !
  6. I would say balls too. My bike is covered with Balls stickers....i bought it from sunshine, would take it back but its so far to travel for me.