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RE:P's Confusing date on my license

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dastrix, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Hi NSW P Dudes

    Can anyone explain why my license now states P1 but the expiry is about 15 months after when I get my P's? ie: I got my P's on tuesday. Yet the expiry of my P's according to my license is 18th Oct 2008. Does this mean I cant ride a unrestricted license until that time? OR, is it because they add the 3months of my L's left, to the 12months of my P's and thats the total expiry? I can still ride unrestricted after 12months from the date of issue of my P's?

    Sorry if thats a bit confusing :p
  2. Surley the RTA can give you the correct answer instead of the 300 "guesses" you'll get from us :p
  3. :shock: P1 is for cars :LOL:

    licences are combined i think thats what your mixing up if you have your on P1

    and yes you have confused me :p
  4. Mine says march but RTA confirmed I am unrestricted in september.

    go figure.
  5. awww come on 300 guesses is fun :p

    I think it just means L's expiry + P's expiry = total expiry shown on license :p

    Ha! Go the RTA. Useless.

    Sorry for confusing you all so early in the morning, now go back to sleep :LOL:
  6. In Victoria, the roads authority have made fluff ups on my licence. My original licence stated Batman Road Street (It's road, no idea how they got street on it as I remember putting only road on it and there is a batman street but it's a small court running off the road.) It would definitely confuse any postman/police if they ever came looking for me back then with the address from my licence. heh
  7. batman street? Is that a joke :p
  8. I replced my licence last week and found out that my P1 (rider) has an expiry date at a later date that I was suposed to get off restrictions.

    I asked the RTA officer and he told me that it is only an indication so you remember to update the licence but it is only one year to get off restrictions, so it is up to the person to go and update the licence before that expiry date to get off restrictions or wait until the licence is about to expire.

    Confusing, but bassically you can go and update your licence before the date stated in the licence. One year after you got the Ps

  9. sweet that confirms all :)

    So 18th April 08 I'm off my restrictions..

    Thank you!
  10. with Ps and Ls there is always an expiry date after when you officially get off them. this is so that if your not ready to upgrade after the 1 year or 3 or 6 months to the next stage of licence you have more time. The 1 year on your P plates is a minimum as it is with L plates. altho if you do not upgrade by the time your licence expires you need to redo the tests

  11. Nope, one of the original sugestions for a our fair Victorian capital was Batmania, named after John Batman our founding father, he is the ONLY Native born Australian to founded a capital city.

    So guess what, we could have been Batmanians :woot: nah nah nah nah BATMANIA
  12. haha thats a laugh :p