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re: protest rally unfair tolerances

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jimmyhotdog, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Yes I think that the Vic Gov knows all!

  2. Yes because the Vic Gov need my charity!

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  3. No but I'm Just too lazy to do anything about it!

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  4. No and I will and do voice my opinion and make it count!

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  5. No because the ADR is there for that reason

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  1. So who went to the protest rally on Sunday 29th October at 11:00am.
    All I know is that the turnout was Poor!
    There was only about 50 people there!

    If anyone gets a fine that is within the 10% tolerance specified in the ADR they should accept it!

    The public has voted Unanimously that it is Victorian speed tolerances are fair and that the ADR doesn't mean SH!T.

    Hey I dislike protest rallies but I went!
  2. 50 people sounds like they got a great turn out for the amount of effort they put in to promote it.

    Many people that I spoke to didn't even know it was on.

    I had the choice to go to the protest or take a tour of the Sea Shepheard berthed at Docklands.

    I took the latter option.

    11am on a Sunday, protesting in the city? who is going to sit up and take notice?
  3. Agreed Vic.
    I knew nothin of it till friday, and by that time I had made arrangements for my weekend.
    But holding a protest on a sunday?!? Who the hell is gonna take any notice of a protest on a sunday?
    Badly planned, badly promoted. But if one happens again, I will be there (so long as I hear about it)
  4. The scooter riders held a protest on sunday the 22nd october,
    about 300 scooters turned up and it made the TV news,
    where as almost 1300 bikes for the pink ribbon ride did not make the TV news :?
  5. People like scooters - think they're friendly. They don't like bikes - tough criminal types... or something.
  6. Protest rallies might make people feel good, but they don't actually acomplish much.

    I'd like to know where the vote option for "No, but nothing I'm able to do is going to change it" is :)
  7. uz toughies on da scootaz iz meena than we look!

    Possibly due to the professional VACC efforts and the inner city route
  8. Should have all been in church, anyway :p

    Sadly governments only react to large numbers of people's actions, witness the rapid back-flip at State and Federal level on the sale of the Snowy. While ever motorcycling remains a minority pursuit, it will only attract minority favourable government attention.

    {NOW if they bring in some specific anti-SCOOTER laws, watch the fur fly then :LOL:}
  9. The Public has voted unanimously that the ride was poorly organised and advertised! Seriously who organises a protest ride on the day daylight savings kicks in? :?

    Well actually you can write a letter to the Penalty Review board and state your case....... :p :p
  10. Da boyz don't like dat kinda talk. An day wanna know what kinda fly haz fur too.