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Re near miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Farmer, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. I was going around our lake in the town where we live sign clearly says 40klmh,
    A taxi was tail gating me because i was doing the speed limit, he then passed me and nearly side swiped my bike, he then started jamming on the brakes because he was really peed off, now i know what people mean by road rage.

  2. Times like that you need need a gopro ( or similar ) :)
  3. notice how there in no entry in the RTA rider handbook for taxis. no warnings, nothing.
    needs to be amended.
  4. well i needed some thing he must of been on his way to a customer pick up,he was inches off knocking me off bike
  5. If a person wants to sit on the speed limit what gives a taxi driver the rights to nearly knock some one off there bike for doing so,as my father used to say ride like your invisible, because the other people don't care.i hope i never get in that position again 40 klms means 40 klms to me
  6. Sticking to the speed limit is as likely to get someone on a motorbike treating you like that as a taxi. :p
  7. Well the taxi driver had no rights to try and make me go faster, if he had of knocked me off the bike would he have stopped would he blame me, who knows, sorry if i don't break the law.
  8. You are a small vehicle taking up a large road space, what was wrong with you moving over enough to let him pass? If he then gets booked it's his problem not yours.
  9. I did move over that's when he got closer to me when he passed
  10. I find it hard to believe he would have got all raged up if you moved over like you describe, are you sure he wasn't behind you for a while?
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    I don't, he's a taxi driver :)
  12. Let's not generalise there is more to the story than the OP s telling.
  13. Doubt there's much more. OP was doing the limit (which was probably too fucking low for the conditions) - taxi didn't like it. Law and safety seem to so infrequently align.
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  14. join date: sept '11.

    Assuming you're on Ls, so you're going to attract wankers like a magnet and iron. It's only exacerbated by wankers in cabs/white vans/tradies (that is, tradies that are wankers) etc etc.

    Seriously though people, why do you even post in here if all you do is try to make the guy feel like it's his fault? 40k implies tight suburban area or a bloody school. It's not too slow. It's probably a stretch less than a kilometre long so the taxi can just suck it up until he has the chance to safely overtake. It's not like he was doing 40ks in the hills or on an arterial road.
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  15. Actually Farmer the speedo on your bike probably reads way over the actual speed, so you were probably doing 35 Km/h. That 5 Km/h difference is enough to make many people road rage, especially when the limit is so low already.

    See if you can calibrate your speedo against a good GPS, and if possible, fix any error it shows with a "Speedo Healer" or similar. Search around here for what they are.
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  16. My comment certainly wasn't meant to imply the OP was doing anything wrong. I can guarantee that wherever this occured, the 40 limit could easily be 60 (or more) and still safe. It's the fault of the beige brigade for setting such ridiculous limits.

    As for what to do in this situation. Until you have a deathwish (like I do) and are happy playing chicken from in front of these people by gradually slowing down while being tailgated - just indicate left, pull over and let these wankers past.
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  17. Fair go Smee
    If it's a single lane road and he's doing the limit he's doing nothing wrong.
    I wouldn't shift and let a car overtake me in my lane because I've seen too many idiot drivers try and go past with inches to spare.

    I certainly wouldn't encourage a learner to do that. And absolutely not with someobody who looked to be acting aggressively.
  18. Nope if you have someone up your arse make room and let them on their way to reduce the agro.
    I contend that in a country town in which I assume the OP is referring to there is ample room to move to the left and let a person pass.
    It's not an attack on the OP btw but another option for the op to consider.

    Things I want to know for how long was the taxi following? When was the op aware he was being followed?
    The last thing a learner wants is an aggressive cage behind them and for their own piece of mind PULL OVER let them pass then after a small breather be on your way.
  19. Well i was doing 40klmh, in my right lane, signs says 40klmh, doing nothing wrong so this idiot taxi driver had no right to do what he did, if he was on his way to a customer what gives him the rights to get agro when some one wants to abide by the law. And yes he was behind me for a while why should i have to get off to the side of the road just because a taxi driver is behind me and in a hurry,if you read your test manual it say you must give way to an emergency vehicle , well hello a taxi drive never was and never will be an emergency vehicle ask any one they are the worlds worst drivers.
  20. Sorry mate but no sympathy, just because you think you were doing 40 on your non calibrated speedo and that fact you don't take up too much roadspace suggests to me you were being a bit selfish. Move out the way so that you get rid of the aggro let him get booked then have a giggle as you point and laugh.
    It's a country town so you'll end up seeing this bloke again.