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re license plate light

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by quami, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Hi guys guys

    I currently trying to tap into my license plate power to power a relay so i can have power for accessories through a relay and distribution block. my question is i have two wires going into the light which are brown and green i just wanted to know how to tell which one is ground and which one is power. I have a cb125e and cannot get a hold of the wiring schematics for the bike.I have tried to trace the wires back to the battery but it's difficult to decipher the wires without the electric diagram.


  2. See which one sparks when you touch it to the frame :).

    (Obviously don't do this, spend $10 on a multimeter and use that to determine which is live instead)
  3. I would assume brown is ground - it would be stupid to be the other way round.

    Do you have a multimeter?
  4. You can buy a multimeter for about $20 and measure it at a connector or you can put a LED across said connector and it will only break in one orientation (it will only light up in one direction with a resistor in series)...the other option is to check which color is used on the other wires -- all the grounds might be the same.
  5. I know brown is positive on the tail light on a CB400.. so to say brown would be the common sense choice for ground is a dangerous thing to say.. we arent dealing with common sense here people.. remember that..
  6. Google "CB125 wiring diagram".. there are heaps out there..

    Green is ground for the tail light.. Brown is + for the tail light or the brake light and green/yellow is the + for the tail light or brake light.. this you will have to work out for yourself.. my money is on brown being the tail light and green yellow being the brake light..
  7. But still buy a multimeter if you don't have one - especially if you're going to be wiring in a distribution block and fuse (important to make sure you're not trying to draw too much power with whatever you're planning on running).
  8. Green is a more likely ground colour.
    A cheap test light or multimeter will help you check for sure.
    Don't try "spark to the frame, you'll likely blow the fuse.
  9. IMHO brown on Jap bikes (and most other vehicles) will be +. Plain green will be ground.
  10. Not if you swap the 25-30A fuses with 50A ones. :)

    (Again, don't actually do this).
  11. All the magic smoke is going to come out of those wires with a 50A fuse in there :)
  12. Actually a cut down 4" nail is better!!! :demon:
    (again, don't try this at home!)
  13. You should try to apply for a job as a voice over artist. You'd be a natural at the "don't try this at home" line, then again, maybe a researcher for the Jackass or Tokyo shock boys.
  14. True story from my past life as a mechanic, rebuilding a traded in Grey Fergie tractor, found a .22 Magnum round (live, complete with projectile) inserted in place of a 3AG fuse.
  15. You can also wrap fuses in aluminium foil for a bit of extra load carrying ability, or to replace a blown fuse.
    (This I have tried at home, though that's not a recommendation).
  16. The earlier CB125 had a Black wire for the stop light and a Green with Yellow stripe for the tail light. The Ground was frame return.

    What others have said is good advice though get yourself a cheap multimeter.

  17. thanx guys for the feed back had a multimeter handy and was able to find ground and power. the brown was power and the green was ground.

    cheers guys
  18. thnx for the help guys i managed to find the power wire. of course i logged in when some one has uploaded a schematic when i've finished the project. doh. oh well just teach me to check my posts more frequently. thnx again guys.

  19. Actually had to do that myself!
    Years ago, driving along a pitch black road (no street lighting & no moon out!) the main fuse for the headlights blew!!!!
    Tore out the foil from a pack of ciggies, wrapped it around the blown fuse to get me home.
    Never did replace that 'fuse'!!! Just forgot!