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Re-jetting Costs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys and girls,

    Who here has had a bike re-jetted??? When i get my bike i was thinking of putting an aftermarket can on it cause i like the sound. I'd also like to get the bike re-jetted to suit the can so the bike runs smoothly with the new can on. How much would i be looking at for new jets and what sort of money should i expect to pay to have them fitted??

  2. what are you buying? will depend alot on that. an inline 4 has more jets than a twin and is harder to tune.

    and if its a 250, i'd seriously just forget about it. chuck on a can if you must, but a full system and jet kits are gunna be wasted $ for the minimal gain you'll get....
  3. It is a ZZR-250 and itwas gonna put a muzzy 2-1 coming down the right hand side. The reason being is i have a car also so the bike is going to be my commuter to uni and to have fun cruising around doing the twisties etc. The car will be used when taking the GF anywhere or carrying lots of stuff. Therefore the bike is going to be a fun toy and i want to get max fun out of it. I have the money to spend so i don't care about 'But save it for when you upgrade to a big bike" because i will have the money in 18 months time when it comes to upgrade trust me.

    I want it for the fun factor, i can be heard better factor, personal satisfaction at having a sweeter exhaust note and the fact that i CAN do it so WHY NOT??

  4. I recently bought some jets from Ian William Tuning for Mikunis

    Mains were $7.75 each and Pilots $11 each, postage $7.

    This varies a little depending on type of Mikuni jets.

    So multyply by the number of cylinders and you get an idea of the cost of DIY.

    Mind you you would need to do some reasearch to get it close yourself.

    Tuners have the advantage of a jet kit and as such can chop or change untill they get it right.

    Mind you, you can get it pretty close if you do your homeork on your model

    I got quote anywhere from $200 to $400 to have somone else do it depending on how bad the carbies are. Mine were pretty bad so I saved a bit by doing it myself and they are pretty close.
  5. dont get me wrong mate, if you REALLY want to do it, then go for it. BUT it will cost WAY more than its worth IMO. you might get an extra hp or 2 out of it, but i doubt any more than that, the biggest change you'll see is in the exhaust note. full systems cost big $$$ and custom systems even more so.

    seeing as you havn't bought the bike yet, i'm thinking that maybe an inline 4 would better suit you? you'll get better performance STOCK out of one than you will spending $1500 on exhaust and carb mods on a para twin.

    its just a thought tho, the ZZR is a great bike, its just that it seems performance is priority with you so something thats built for it might be the go. slip on a $400 can (or cheaper if you can find one second hand) to a CBR/FZR/ZXR and you'll have a better sounding, faster and better handling bike than you will spending up on ZZR mods....
  6. Muzzy's look awesome. I'm definately putting one on the GPX (the twin pipes look shithouse)

    Go for it =p

    A full Muzzy system is around 1k depending on what canister you choose. I think you can get jet kits for like 100 bucks, or just adjust the stock ones.. check out
    www.ninja250.info under the mods section for more info on muzzys and jetting
  7. Thanks for your opinion Coconuts but don't want a CBR or similar i definately want the ZZR. Even if i only got a slip on can i'd still get it re-jetted as the bike would not run as smoothly with an aftermarket can on as opposed to the stock can without being re-jetting. I've had a quote done on a muzzy system for a ZZR and they were as follows:

    The Stainless system with the round aluminium muffler $700.00
    The Stainless system with the round stainless steel muffler $835.000
    The Stainless system with the Oval titanium muffler $900.00
    The Stainless system with the Carbon Fibre muffler $990.00

    I was thinking of going the stainless steel muffler option. I found that pretty good considering all the other companies were wanting ~$650 for ONLY a muffler.

  8. I've heard you can order pipes from england for about half the price (including shipping).
  9. hmmmm i hear the cops are starting to crack down on the traffickers moving stuff along the border... maybe you should get something bigger than a 250 :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: