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Re-Invent yourself, pick a career.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by movin, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. With our recent addition of a child, we had to register him as a human being with the government. This exposed a couple of holes in the system to me.
    Firstly, the birth forms could have been reasonably easily forged, and midwife was only "official" person to sign the document to say basically 'yes, a new human being came into the world'. So if you plan on being an international spy and want a false passport, I suggest you log a false birth claim asap.
    But second, myself and Carri27 had to list our occupations. These now appear on our boy Shaydens birth certificate.
    At no stage where they checked or verified :? so we could have put down anything under occupation, professionaly wannabe ski bum, beer swiller, cockroach killer, poledancing tougue cleaner :worthlesspics:
    Its really that simple people, all you got to do is have sex :bannanabutt: then have a child, and you can have any job you want, 8-[ well on paper anyways.
    So name your choosen profession :-k

  2. I was listening to the radio one day and one of the presenters wanted to test if they checked what you put as your profession. He put down sheep herder and it showed up on the birth certificate hahaha
  3. What I found even more weird was you can name your kid anything. I mean anything. He/she doesn't have to have the surname of either parent.
  4. You shoulda done it Kenny, just to give the genaeologists the shits in a couple hunjy years. "And then there was Shayden Renwick, son of a merkin tester and a dwarf contortionist."
  5. Yer I was going to go to Merkin colledge, next to bovine university, but dang it, I juz dun didnt have the graydes
  6. Hmm, let me think. If I could be anything...I think I'd be Jessica Alba's knickers...

    p.s. I ripped that off Top Gear ;)
  7. A Domino Spotter.
  8. Model dresser.
  9. New career. . . . . huh . . . . . oh, I Know,
    GOD !!!
  10. Shoe polishers, back in Indonesia people solely makes cash just from doing that from 8am 'till 7pm non-stop