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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by the-fil, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone :],

    I've been checking out the forums for the past month and finally decided to join! Seems like an awesome community to be a part of. Ive had my L's since August, but have no bike, still saving up for that, and the fact that I have to do it all on my own makes it harder, but that much more rewarding.

    I have my gear and since passing my test I've been practicing on my friend's NSR150, however that happens once every blue moon. The NSR is heaps of fun though, quite a quirky bike, as I understand all 2 strokes are, when compared to the bike I used at the pre-learner course.

    Anyways, I don't want to ramble.

    See you guys around I guess :]
  2. Welcome ... jump right in!!
  3. Welcome to the forum you already know as friendly. Fil (groan) a bit of detail in on your profile, at least what state you frequent, so we can talk about state laws. etc.
  4. My bad, Im in the western suburbs of sydney.

    Thanks for the welcomes :grin:
  5. When you got 5000+ registrations, it gets harder for em because
    their preferred nic is prolly already taken up so they just register
    with some shitty name that they are stuck with [​IMG]


    Hey The-Fil


    No idea what state your in but if its WA or NT, you got buckleys of
    meeting many NR's. I'm in Mexico so I know what its like, but yeh,
    the mob are generally a friendly bunch!

    Catch ya [​IMG]

    <edit> Oh Sydneysider eh. Plenty of nobs up your way for you to
    hook up with then :)
  6. lol truth be told Fil is actually my real name...some lame story about me being born on my grandma's birthday (her name is Filomina). It doesn't help that I'm Filipino :LOL:

    Filipino's have a habit of chosing REALLY bad names for their children... like Cherrie...Oh my god ](*,)

    Holy crap, Mexico? and your still on this forum? thats gotta say a lot for this place. Nice
  7. [​IMG]

    1000 apologies for saying you had a shitty name Fil [​IMG]

    In Mexico that is a strange name. I'm in the same boat -
    My English name is Mick (Michael) Gonads

    Definitions of Gonads on the Web: The testes or ovaries (reproductive glands).

    Ayways sorry about that. How embarrasing. I got :eek:wned:


    Yep! Good ol' Mexico.. and that doesn't stop me from wanting to be
    her either


    Dam right girl [​IMG]


    Hoping to eventually meet or buy an Australian wife from here
    one day [​IMG]

    I'm hoping to get on a bike in the next coupla weeks & make the
    trip to catch up with some of the Melbourne boys; & girls [​IMG]
  8. MG, you crack me up.

    You go to so much trouble :LOL: :LOL:
  9. welcome the-fil.

    I am married to a filipino and I find it so hard to keep up with all the names... :D
    Congrats on your L's though,
    btw.. dont trust everything mg says....
    he thinks victoria should be another country ... :LOL:
    There are a few of us around the west.. but how far west are you?
    Any way see you soon... :D
  10. hello the fil
    hope you find it as interesting as i have enjoy

    MG where the hell do you find some of those emotions
  11. [​IMG] Noobs still excite me from time to time


    Mostly from different forum websites I come across, & there are
    a coupla dedicated websites that have 1/2 decent ones.. so over
    the years, the collection slowly builds up.


    Got 679 emoticons on this p/bucket account alone, & I got 3 accounts..
    plus 100's more on pc that haven't been uploaded so more than I'll ever
    need or use [​IMG]


    & then we got the animations.. same story [​IMG]

    Seldom use em otherwise Admin would destroy me

  12. its what happens when you can't ride your bike for 6 months and the next best thing you can do is sit at the computer desk and search the net for 24 hours a day.
  13. Unfortunately so [​IMG]

    8.5hrs during the day & another 8.5hrs at night.. longer again on the w/ends
    Remainder is left for sleeping, eating, shitting, pissing & smoking
  14. well, ALOT has happened since I last posted here, so I thought it may as well be changed to a re-introduction...

    Firstly, I hankered down, worked everyday for the past month, overtiming as much as I could to earn the money for my bike, and the fruit of my labour has finally come to..fruition? I bought the bike and have been riding everyday (atleast as much as I can) since getting it last Sunday :]

    It came as a shock to my parents, who had no idea I had a motorbike license let alone know I had my gear hidden in my closet, so imagine how they must of felt when I rocked up home on a bike!

    Rode for pretty much the whole day today with a mate, just around the Penrith to Quakers hill area, if you saw an NSR with a yellow Across, that was us. We all live near Mounty County (Mt Druitt area).

    Hopefully I'll join you guys at a meet or something sometime soon :]

    Life has never been so much fun