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Re: Helmets and stickers/decals

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bulby, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. So I'm currently suffering a bad case of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), which is making me consider getting a new lid despite my current one being perfectly fine.

    Then it occurred to me. Why don't I get one with a solid colour and stick some decals / logos / stickers on it? Someone told me not to as the glue may damage the helmet. I've been reading around, found plenty of arguments for and against this theorem, but haven't had any luck in finding empirical evidence to support either side. So I'll just throw this one out here.

    What do you guys think?

  2. I wouldn't wear a helmet that can be damaged by a drop of glue.

    On a serious note, the "damaged" part would the external piece which is painted anyway.
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  3. Someone said to me once that putting stickers on a helmet voids the warranty. But that would depend on the warranty fine print I would imagine. And would vary from brand to brand.

    I put stickers on my very first helmet. It was boring grey and badly needed sexing up.
  4. One of the arguments for the stickers was that the paint coatings will keep the glue away from the actual plastics, which I reckon sounds plausible. But yea. While I do think it'd be awesome to add some "personal touches" to my helmet, I'm not exactly dying to do that either, so I'd rather err on the side of caution. Just means I'll be getting a graphics one instead of solid colour for my next helmet.
  5. If stickers are damaging the helmet then the vlogers' adhesive mounts must be just destroying it LOL
  6. ^ point
    At this rate though, it will be decided on how awesome the stickers I can find are, and these just swung me in towards solid colour + stickers.
    (Yes, that's my blood type. And nah, I don't expect the paramedics to actually notice. It's mostly because I'm a geek) :p
  7. Bulby, where abouts did you find these stickers?
  8. I believe that the damaging effects of the glue are related to plastic helmets only. The carbon and tri-composite don't seem to be affected by the glue in anyway. I applied Vinyl to my helmets and have had it on them for a while now with no adverse effects.

    This may void warranty on helmets though as I'm sure the manufacturers would be keen to wash there hands of any liability where ever they can.
  9. I can see the following conversation happening...
    Rider: Amm.. My visor fell of while I was riding nice and slow
    Manufacturer: Yeeaaa... See this sticker you have on the back of the helmet? That's why.
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