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Re: DIY Shared Workshop Sydney Alexandria

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Steamfrog, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm trying to gauge some interest in any riders or bike builders looking to store or for a space to rebuild bikes. I can get a secure lockup shed in Alexandria Sydney but want to share rental costs $160 pw shed is huge has 4.5 m doors and wash bay.

    The other idea is to start a DIY shop where members pay a fee that pays the rent but also buys extra tools so riders have a secure place to work on their bikes, kind of like a club. I have 7 - 2 bangers plus an rz 500 to work on, so my tools and kit will suit other 2 banger owners, particularly rs 250 and 125's as well as RZ - Rd's. Looking at purchasing air tools, soda blaster and spray gear. Might be good venue for others to learn bike mechanics. I will supply my tools and a computer with internet so can order parts direct.

    If I can get some interested parties I might seriously look into it. Any questions, please ask.
  2. Keep talking - if there's enough interest I'd pay a few bucks a week just to have somewhere to go on the weekends...
  3. Yeah its in an industrial estate, so no noise issues, big concreted outdoor area, and fenced, shed is secure. Looks like the wash bay is big enough to do trucks, so I might get a high pressure cleaner. I have a ton of tools in big cabinets more suited to ripping out 2 banger motors. Think of a complete workshop with all the tools that members can use on site.
    Have to work out insurance for stored bikes and tools. I am running out of room in the garage and Im sure others are too.
  4. I like where this is going...
  5. I would consider this aswell.
  6. Nice idea,

    No real way to do it without arguements, ill feeling, missing tools and general drama's. The management to do it right/fair would be very time consuming. You would need 10-20 core people all willing to put in the $8-16 per week no matter what. Then try to recover some of the costs from blow ins. Even then you only need a few tools to go missing before it all turns to shite.

  7. When I was renting with no garage this would have been very handy, I would have paid $10 a week for the service even without the tools. Working on the bike on the street sucked.

    You should also consider that you will need insurance. Maybe you could set it up as a incorporated club to limit your liability.

    Are you also aware that these exist.

  8. Something to consider is allowing people who have not bought into the rent to pay a hourly fee or something, to service their bikes.

    this way people who, say, just want to change their oil, dont have to agree to having a workshop that they might not use the full capabilities of.

    Perhaps you could pool the money earned, and at the end of each month/3 months/year (whatever is appropriate) it could be re invested in the shop or paid out as a dividend to the people who have made the commitment to pay by the week, reducing the weekly costs for everyone involved.
  9. I figure this would be a must. What if someone hurts themselves while working on their own bike on the premises?
  10. Fantastic idea but I don't think it's very plausible in todays society.

    If you charge people to go then you are gonna open yourself up to a word of hurt. No pun intended. You will have to go to a lot of effort to cover yourself and the 'business'. You will be paying money out of your ass for insurance, or a payout, when someone hurts themselves.

    Tools will go missing, someone will touch something they shouldn't have.. etc etc
  11. It definitely is possible otherwise men's shed organization (that I linked to) wouldn't exist. That is why I suggest joining with them, all the mistakes already sorted.
  12. Men's Shed site is interesting - only thing I'd previously seen was a bunch of old blokes turning out wooden toys.
    You need to be Incorporated to join their org, and carry $10mil in public liability insurance; you can join their policy for an undisclosed fee.
    Just gives a real basic idea of what you'd need to get started at any rate...
  13. What you could do is make a business name and create shares in it, renting out the space to whoever (shareholders would have to pay rent too otherwise it would be unfair and costs would not be covered) and like someone else said, pooling the money and reinvesting it to a certain threshold back into the shop then paying out a dividend to the shareholders. Complicated. I'd say get a lawyer and be prepared for alot of paperwork. But if i didn't have a garage, i would so be in, and i would be in anyway so i could learn from other folks how it's done!

    If it became a proper viable business, you could employ a motorbike mechanic there full time to help people out and show how it's done and also assist with administration, parts sourcing and what not. You would also need motorbike trailer hire/some sort of ute so people could transport race bikes/unroadworthy bikes there. And the mechanic could be licensed to give RWC's!!!

    Sorry i'm getting a bit excited.
  14. I'm sure, were this idea to happen, we would be a much better looking bunch of blokes with far more supermodels and tortured kittens.