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Re-covered my seat in allsport

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by barnacle, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,
    I thought i'de show you through what i did on the weekend, maybe inspire some likewise people, with old ratty-bikes.

    1. introducing my old ratty seat (the vinyl was splitting and soaking up water)

    2. Stripped the old cover off and pulled out the foam. Took three days to dry in front of the fire (looked to be closed cell foam).

    3. To try and get a bit of extra water proof-ness out of the seat i did a first wrap in some ripstop nylon from an old tent. I wouldn't recommended this as the folds showed through the new vinyl. But what the hell it's done now.

    4. Used "nortex allsport" from nolansUDA. Its stretchy in all directions so good for getting round the compound curves on the seat. Its got a pretty heavy texture on it i'm not super keen on, but is a lot less noticeable once it laid on the seat. Set me back sixty dollar for a meter, seat used about half a meter. There's definitely better prices around if you want to do more searching.

    5. staple gun and an extra set of hands (one stretching, on stapling) and we got it down alright. Sailrite has a good video on it (though they make one ugly ass chopper seat), also good place to get materials.

    6. The strap on the rear seat needed a bit of help from dads industrial sewing machine to put the new stitches in. I would say any upholsterer or sail-maker would do it for pittance if you ask nicely.

    7. find a bit of sheet metal behind the shed and cut out some new covers for the rear

    8. drink beer.

    photographic proof....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Nice job. And good info for future reference there Barnacle!
  3. Pretty good finish. I hadn't seen the AllSport used previously but it should wear pretty well.
  4. Nowt wrong with that barnaclebarnacle good work.
  5. Where are you located.....and are you interested in restoring mine?!
  6. Ha, might be a trip all the way to sydney. But really, it wasn't all that hard. Just grab a house hold framing stapler and some 6mm staples if you start getting ripples pull the staples and go again until it's smooth.
    The only training i did was this video from this home sail-making site. How to Recover a Motorcycle Seat Using Stretch Vinyl Fabric
    They did a paneling style thing (ulgy). my old seat had a stitch around the front of the seat to get the internal curve around the tank (the old fabric was non stretch), but the stretch vinyl matched the curve with a bit of patients (pleating and pulling).
    I recon you should just have a crack. Hell get a meter and if you totally stuff it up you can have a second crack with all you learned.
  7. You lost me at framing stapler!!!
  8. I'll see what a metre of the cloth is worth if you like.
    I actually had the Nolan's rep in the office today. He did say it was expensive, but that's possibly just compared to some of the PVC cloths.
    Whereabouts are you located ?