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Re-conditioning a Second-hand Shock

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by momo, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. I bought a second-hand rear shock absorber via eBay for the princely sum of $20, to replace a badly corroded one. Is there anything that I can or should do in terms of inspecting its condition, having it re-conditioned, or whatever?

  2. What's it for?

    Is it leaking oil?

    Fit it and then compress it to see how it rebounds. If it has non-adjustable damping you simply watch how it returns:

    - with the rider seated (or some other substantial weight on the bike) when you compress the rear and release, it should return quickly to its original position, without going higher, and without then dropping back down to the original height. This is a sign of poor damping.

    - compress it, release it, but return some of your weight as the suspension rises, as if getting ready to bounce it up and down. Once again, with just a little weight on the returning seat/guard/whatever, the suspension should not rise higher and then sink down again, not even a little. That means poor damping if it does.

    - keep bouncing it up and down as fast as you can - if it gradually sinks further under your efforts (and each time does not rise as far as before) the damping is too strong. This is not all that common, except with most quad bikes, for some reason...


    Trevor G

    PS There are good suspension rebuilders, even for non-rebuildable shocks!

    PPS If it has adjustable damping then it should be adjusted within the parameters given above.
  3. VTRBob is able to recondition a shock absorber using two drinking straws (one has to be a bendy one) and a can of cat food. Won't show me how, though.
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  5. If it's cactus (do what trevor said), then it can be rebuild and tricked up for about $300.
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    Thanks for the help everyone. I swapped out the 'new' shock for the one that was in there, and I'll test the damping tomorrow morning. When I was putting it in, I noticed that the bottom seal had deteriorated to a crumbly mess.

    This is the seal that I mean, albeit on the old shock:


    Should I be concerned?

    Oh by the way, given that I weigh 68kg and the manual specifies that the factory suspension settings are designed for a 68kg rider, is there any performance benefit in using harder suspension settings? When I got the bike, it was set to the hardest settings, so I changed the front back to the original settings. I have yet to discover how to adjust the rear without the Kawasaki tool :p
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