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Re: Charity Ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jwoodro, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys! This is my first post...anyway i have an idea :idea: for raising money for a charity and i wanted to see what anyone thought of it. i was thinking of maybe a sweet ride to somewhere and money could be raised by raffle tickets/donations or a small fee to come on the ride and we could hav like a bbq lunch or something? cancer hit my family hard, with my mum being sick for over 10years with the illness and taking her life. i just cant sit back here and keep watching happeing to people... anyway sorry to sound like a winge...keen to see wat u guys think and maybe some similar ideas or something :grin:

  2. I'd be happy to go on a ride to fund raise for cancer research or similar, but I think something fairly similar already exists? The pink ribbon ride?

    Not trying to discourage you though... I expect I have some idea what you went through.

    My mother is currently sitting almost totally bedridden in our local hospital under palliative care (after going through a fair bit of surgery and substantial chemo).

    Cancer is never easy for those suffering or thier families and friends.
  3. Not a whinge at all.

    If it was a day that I was free, I would join in for sure.
  4. By all means count me in, provided its on a day i'm free. My mother has been cancer free for 12 months now. One of the lucky ones i guess, but i certainly understand the impact it has on all parties.

    Top idea i say.
  5. Joining a good cause is never a problem with me.
  6. ok sweet, ill see how much interest i can get, which hopefully i can, and go from there i guess...i thought there may have been a foundation or something similar to this, but it shouldnt matter cause at the end of the day moneys being raised and hopefully it can save lives...any ideas on where to go?
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  8. well it was a good idea while it lasted :(
  9. It's not a sad thing that the PR ride exists. It just means the organisation's been done and all you have to do is join in. :grin:

    It was a terrific idea BTW. I'm more than happy to ride my bike for most causes anytime, so next time you think of an organisation that could use the help don't hesitate to put the idea forward. :)
  10. Definitely - the more feet on the streets for a worthy cause, the better
  11. You can never raise too much money for this sort of thing mate. Follow through with your plan, but chuck it a couple/few months into the future.

    And for what it's worth, I'll be at the Pink Ribbon Ride. Hope to see as many of you there as possible. You can spend the day arsing around, or you can contribute to a life-saving cause, eh!
  12. if its organised and im not working, ill be there with bells on.

    ive had 4 members of my family hit with cancer. two survivors. i already donate and only more than happy to donate more. hell as if a sweet ride with friendly people aint worth $$.
  13. There's no law that says you can't have more than one ride is there? I say go for it, I'm in for sure!
  14. Talk to the pink ribbon organisers & blue ribbon ride organisers... and the toy run organisers... the logistics needed include a traffic management plan, public liability insurance, event permits from local councils, Dept of Gaming NSW permits for a raffle, approaching sponsors, publicity, printing, merchandise etc etc etc... right down to making sure that you have enough public toilets available for the people expected on the day..

    Not trying to put you off, just giving you a heads up on the organisation aspect. PM me if you want a bit more info on where to go/what to do..

  15. You going for a ride to the Blue Mountains?

    March Next year is when Netrider plan on kicking off their inaugral charity ride.

    I'll be looking for people to assist with that ride.
  16. You know you can count on me to pitch in for a good cause mate. You have my number.
  17. why does it have to be an official big ride... im sure any charity would be happy with smaller groups donating as well.

    And gee, there are a few of us cancer survivor here on netrider.

    Both my Grandmother and Auntie had breast cancer and I had bone cancer when i was 10.

    i'd definately be in for any ride like this. Once ive got some practice in. :)
  18. True that.

    jwoodro, I don't see why you couldn't organise something small, not hundreds of bikes, maybe just a couple of dozen. Ride somewhere nice, then throw on a BBQ or something, then pass round the bucket... It wouldn't change the world, but at least you'd doing something positive.

    If we went somewhere popular, like say, Bobbin Head or something, we could pass the bucket around all the strangers ogling the bikes, get a bit more cash that way...

    If youwant to organise something, I'll be in. Always happy to shake a bucket of money for a good cause.
  19. thanks guys for the support...it is clear that cancer is a big issue out there, hitting people hard, and it makes me sad hearing all these stories about your familys and yourselves battling the disease. so i think ill give it a go... ill get on with the planning side of things and then propose a date, which can try fit in with everyone...please keep the ideas coming :)

    im sure every little bit counts

  20. Which charity?