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re-birth yamaha 06 r6

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shifty6, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. hey fellow NRs,
    I have been caught up in a bad situation, basically i bought a yamaha 2006 R6 on the 15.02.2009 from a private seller.took the bike to brighton kawasaki and was told that i bought a bike that has had the compliance plate and frame tampered with.a week later i also took it to geoff taylor yamaha and was told the same thing.
    i did a security package from vicroads and seems fine.however when you pay attention to the VIN no. stamped on the frame, it looks dodgy.
    I tried contacting the seller to get my money back however it has failed.

    Any suggestions about how i should go about this or advice who i should see would really help?
  2. Sell it to another poor unsuspecting rider.
  3. Probably going to have to become a police matter. Also if it had a rwc before hand and it's not road worthy then thats something they can look into.

    Unfortuantly you will most likely lose the bike, and I don't know what chances you have of recovering your founds.
  4. didn't you have the documents and stuff? maybe can trace back there.
  5. track bike.


  6. Interesting. I bet they ripped the compliance plate off some guys bike, who then didn't report it.

    Then they steal someone else's bike, rip off its compliance plate and stick yours on...

    imo you have to report it. hope they don't trace it back and you somehow get to keep it.

    fcuk that sucks.
  7. maybe you could call the police or the RTA and ask a few hypothetical questions and find out if you might keep the bike or get your money back, otherwise like sheppo said you have a nice track bike or maybe you could sell it on as an unregisterable track bike? pretty crap situation did you sight the sellers ID or anything first?
  8. +1 police. Go to a station, and talk to them. if they aren't interested... meh!

    It could be also that the comp plate came off a wrecked bike, that was not insured(nor reported crashed). If thats the case, the odds the original bike(thats if it is off a different bike) turning up is well... nill.
  9. yeh i have called the police and they told me to go vic roads and when i went to vic roads they said to go to the police.i have been going on wild goose chase.i wont sell it to another rider coz its not fair on the other rider.does anyone know any motorcycle engineers?would i be able to sue the seller for selling me this bike?
  10. doubt u can sue the seller.
    or that u will get your money back even if u track them down.
  11. go see a lawyer, see if they can do anything, first session is usualy free..
  12. Surely you have the rego papers with the guys name/address and sh*t, go to police and see if they can chase him up if its a real identity. When you went to transfer the bike over you would of needed it anyway and the rta would have picked it up if the details of the person were wrong?
  13. Is it registered?
  14. I once received a letter from the Police saying that I had to change the engine number on my car, as there were two cars with identical engine numbers in the registration system. They issued a new number, and I had to stamp the new number on the engine block, and obliturate the old number.

    It was a long time ago (a 1974 Chysler GA Galant), but it still may happen, due to operator error at time of manufacture.

    Of course, Vicroads should have some record of that, and should be able to tell you about it.

    It is also possible that someone thought the compliance plate was legible enough, and tried to improve it, but didn't do a good job. Or the plate was damaged through a drop or something, and they tried to fix it.

    Anyway, get something in writting from the Police and Vicroads that you have reported it, and it is not of concern. If they wont do it, make a record of the names of the people you talked to, in case any future issues arise. This may give you a case for compensation, should someone want to take your bike back. Then treat it as all okay and enjoy the bike.

    Another thought. You may be able to get Vicroads (or someone) to issue a new compliance plate, if you state the existing one is damaged. That should solve all future issues.
  15. Do you have the registration papers?
    Is it now registered in your name?
    Reason for not looking at these when buying it was?
    Are you saying you paid and cannot xfer it into your name now cause its dodgey?
  16. Is the bike insured ???? wink wink.
  17. yes the bike is registered.but its still under the first owners name.i got a contract from the seller i bought it off, and he also gave me a transfer paper from the previous owner.but in the 4 to 5 months that he had the bike, he did not regiseter it in his name.he said he didnt register it in his name coz he didnt get his bike licence.
    would i be able to somehow unregister the bike?and maybe sell it off to the auction?or sell it off to the wreckers as for parts only?
  18. nah bike is not insured...or like "snowman" said could i sell it off as a unregisterable track bike.

    i appreciate everyones help and suggestions,the whole situation is just doing my head in!! :(
  19. So can you rego the bike or not?
  20. there's a couple things that have to be on the bike (or any other vehicle including a trailer) for identification purposes.

    1) vin number will be engraved on the frame. be it to a plate that is welded onto the frame, or on to the frame itself. it's permanent none the less (until tools get involved). this is a 17 digit number.

    2) the compliance plate. this is usually bolted to the frame.

    you cannot simply get the compliance plate, and bolt it to another bike, as the VIN's would not match up (on frame v plate). so if this is a re-birth, the VIN on the chassis would have to be grinded off, or the plate cut off, and a new one put on. on a motorbike, especially with an aluminium frame, this would be difficult to pull off cleanly, in my opinion.

    lastly, where the VIN is on the frame, maybe the bike has been in an accident, and the frame repair work was up around this area. they may have had to re-stamp the bike's VIN after repair work was carried out. this is not illegal.