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Re-badgeding old models as new models: Opinions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 2ndclasscitizen, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. In a thread somewhere someone brought that up Yamaha US is still selling the 02 IIRC model R6 as the R6-S, marketing as a more comfy supersports than the R6. And after having a squiz at the US Kwaka site they're selling the ZZR600, a bike that looks suspiciously like...no wait, exactly like 02 ZX-6R, again aimed at being a more comfy, road-biased supersports than the new ZX-6R. What do people think about this? Personally I don't mind, I mean if I were buying a new 600, I'd definitely go for a brand new A1P-model ZX6R. Parts wouldn't be too hard to come by because it's been around a while, mechanics would how to fix it etc.

    What superseded model bikes would you like to see come back? (Be reasonable though)
  2. Good on 'em - bikes like the F4i are so much more appropriate for the road than the latest supersport bikes it's just a joke. Ride them back to back without knowing which you were on and you'd say the older bikes were more powerful (b/c they've got more torque instead of top-end scream), more comfortable and easier to ride.

    It's depressing that the market here is so stupid that all we want to buy is race bikes that actually make 9/10ths of riders' lives more difficult.

    I can't see it catching on in Australia, they keep discontinuing anything sporty that's remotely touring-focused. We're obsessed with getting as many Rs into our purchases as possible. An S would be a sign of feminine weakness. What a joke. I blame the ginos.
  3. Why do you think the GTR was available as an 06 model in the US and had a near 2 year model run in Aus?
    Real world rideability.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. So many to choose from, Suzuki Katana and Yamaha SRX600 would be two I'd most like to see again (doubt that'd ever happen though).
    Being reasonable/sensible about it I can't understand why Yamaha couldn't bring back the TRX - after all the engine is still in production. By the same reasoning Honda should bring back the Revere/Bros. Needs to be more variety in the naked class than just supersports bikes with the fairings removed I reckon. The TRX and Revere may not have been fast but they were practical and useable.