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RDO Rides (commercial building industry)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by SAMB, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Surprised there isn't a thread for this already. Surely there has to be other riders on here that work in the commercial building industry. Fortnightly RDOs and almost always on a Monday so a great day for a ride as opposed to busy weekends. Anyone? This coming monday, February 13th for a start? Anyone?

  2. Might help if you give an idea on where you are?
  3. Sorry. Melbourne (Williamstown)
  4. I get every monday off, but I usually take my daughter out of daycare & spend the day with her.

    that said, if you build it, I'd probably show up once a month.
  5. u get one ever 3 weeks,
    but never monday or fridays
  6. whats an rdo?

  7. I'm open for RDO rides if is still on. Cheers Yanni
  8. Yeah I'm down for RDO ride. Hey I'm in Williamstown too. What do u ride?
  9. I'm in willy too, what do u ride?
  10. My daily ride is a cb400 and I got a V65 Magna under resto. You?
  11. I've got a xvs1100 which I turned into a bobber, I have a 2014 R1 and YZ450. For some reason I've acquired a collection of yamahas but actually prefer Honda.