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rding around germany and stuff

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by endurotour, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. while i had planned a trip arounds aus, life changes brought me to <europe for 4 weeks, so i went to cambridge and bought a motor bike, its a 1992 Suzuki DR650rs, ncie big thumper, with a centre stand and goes great, purchase at 5:30 pm on a friday, ride to my brothers place, 15min to pack, 9 min to strap it on the bike and away, 2 hours straight ride to Dover, onto a late ferry into france at 00:05.. ride out of the ferry to find the front wheel in the air, opps.. then start to learn to ride the EU way on the other side of the road, road for about an hour ish, ended up in a highway hotoel for 35 euro and a few hours sleep, the next mornin in the car park i wired up the gps and got things going there, no rain all good, headed through to brussels for lunch, did not expect to be there but it was fun, walking around the city for a few hours...
    a few of the 600cc 4wheel quads with road wide road tyres getting around.. on the road again, through Holland into germany, made goods time on the auto-bahns, the bikes will cruise in 130-140 then up to 160 for the over taking, loads of fun and no rain for the whole day, my mate in berlin said to come through, so ended up a 900km day and loads of fun, tom-tom rocks, the target was Brandenburg Tor and the photo does not look so great.
    4 days of berlin and friends, beer, bbqs and more beer, awsome time in an older DDR holiday forest and lake...
    back on the bike to heads to karlsrhue, a 650km ish day, but a lot of rain, soaked through and all my gear ( soft panniers), the reason for long days is there is a mate at the end, so push through and play tourist at the destination, all thoguh there was some random hill and castle walking..
    3 days going into the black forest for black forest cake, into france a few times for eclairs and stuff, very messy night in Heildbugh on the turps with pharmacy students.. then in the last morning into a Polo store, amazing europe motor bike store, so cool... so much stuff....
    chain adjust in suzki dealer and onto the bike again, a few things asre starting to wear, its been about 2000kms so far, i dont wnat to change the tires, or chain or astuff, so instead of down italy and spain via thealps i have returned to berlin... but i was riunding along the autop bahn, pulled of to start riding the back roads, and found out the gear lever was gone.. mmmm 5th gear only... spent 5 hours all up getting it fixed, road 54kms in 3rd gear, through firday night traffic, auto bahns with a max of 80km, and jut nutty traffic issues, to get to the most awsome Suzuki dealer and mechanic, not sure were now but all so good, he worked on thebike, got it all sorted and sold me dicount water prrof gloves, about $16 aus dollers for a custom gear lever, compelt bike check, chain work, etc, sooooo coool...
    back on the bike, road for about 150kms, then decided enough, pülled into a random village, into the pub, mad evening of beer and locals with minimual language, all ok once they new i was aussie over being a pom...
    ended up in a tent beside the forest beside tzhe auto-bahnm, so much rain, but so super...
    the next day a way slow trip into belin and here i type from a mates house, after watching the Zohan film with beer in town, alas no bike as i was destroyed last night by more phd pharmacy people.... my bike jacket is coverd in beer froma a girl but i waqs not wearing it at the time.. some other dude was....
    latter this week i will do some random trips around germany, Chezk and other stuff, then back through england to ireland and ride a bit there, ...
    it all rocks and i wanted to ype it out, ohh lots of rain here, and if this is to long or in the wrong place please move...#al

  2. trip to poland

    had a top day with out all the camping gear etc, and road for the day, back roads, dirt roads, forest, sand tracks, all through the east german areas, old DDR terain, then into Poland for a little look, and back through lots of traffic jams and the like to settle in for the night in Berlin cooking my mate a little aussie meat loaf, goes well with the berlin beer.
    i have had to avoid going into any loacal motor bike shops though, they can and will be trouble for me..
    a few days and a alas i will have to leave berlin, back onto the road, it is super good fun here and not so hard to be on the wrong side of the road...
  3. Hope you are taking plenty of photos!

    Sounds like a fantastic adventure.
  4. well i am safe in the UK now, i had a fun ride through holland, on into Belgium to camp the night..
    I spent most of the time just riding and enjoying it, while trying to keep the bike going with out loosing the chain, sprockets and the tyres.. It was all good, once i got about 18.1kms ish from the ferry in france, i dropped the bike, the front wheel slipped out, the bike went down and i was lucky not to get damaged, snapped the cluth leaver and jammed the gear shift under the engine case.. oh well, i had about 60mins to get the bike going, ended up doing a bunch of road side repairs, road the bike into the town with out a clutch, mad luck i noticed a suzuki dealer, almost dropped the biek again to get into the place, 15min latter new level all sorted out, onto the ferry and all good.
    I e back to Cambridge via london, and had to do some more road side clutch work, while parked on the london bridge, the cool thing was the centre got lifted up while i was on there, so i got to ride overf the bridge as the first person with a lot of photos being taken...
    Arrived back into my brothers place, with a very bad noise, some how the bike got me back but no more, the clutch looks to have desolved, or worse maybe the gear box, but either way it is off the road for a few weeks.
    this arvo i pulled the old sr250 out of the shed, pulled the tank etc and got it sorted out, nice run into town on a test run..
    it has been lots of fun, i have been sad the last few days knowing tht i will have to leave, but it is fun, i look forward to coming back one day with my own bike, and or next time i will spend more time setting the bike up..
    time for a beer now i think...
  5. Great story, something many people wish they could do at some point in their lives.

    +1 For Photos
  6. still on the road so photos to come

    today i have had the pleasure of a mad motor bike taxi ride through bangkok, although not mad, it wasd good fun.. slightly skakny draggin jeans that could do with a good soak, as well as myself, luckly about part way through the trip it started a little monsoon rain storm, we eneded up in the garage with a bunch of other bikes.. ended up buying a conatiner of pop corn and watching the place fill with water, all good fun...
    soon a three wheel tuk tuk, i just have to finish the beer i have with me..
    the dwn side is i am only a few hours from heading back to Aus, the up side i get to ride my bike after 4 weeks and see how it goes.. fingers crossed i am not bump starting at tulla.