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RD500 concept

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dsyfer, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Getting bored and trying to come up with a bike project.

    I miss my old RD, so thought a modernised version could be cool.

  2. Radiator looks a bit too big, but otherwise - not bad :).
  3. That's the standard size for a LC. They are bloody big, I'm sure I could find a neater more efficient modern one.
  4. So it is. Only LCs I'd ever seen all had belly fairings, which seem to make the radiator a lot less noticeable. I always picture something like this:
    when I think of an RD350.

    Edit: Looking for pics it seems someone else has had a similar idea for a modern RD350:
  5. That is hot!
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  6. Possible it might be more than just a concept too, seems to be a few rumours that it's set for release in late 2013/early 2014. This would make sense, since Yamaha does need something for the growing 300-400cc market in India and South America.

    Could also be significant to the local LAMs market, especially if the KTM Duke 390 and/or Triumph 350cc Street Single ever make it here. Can't see Yamaha having much hope sticking with their R125.
  7. I thought the sun was setting, or had set, on the big two strokes - at least in terms of introducing one into first world country like Australia?

    I wonder how hard it would be to take a nice modern rolling chassis (eg an R6 with a blown motor) and graft the RD engine into it....
  8. Pretty much. All the bikes I mentioned (including the RD350 concept) are 4-stroke singles. It's the killing off of 2-stroke 125/250s that's creating the market for 300-400cc 4-stroke bikes.

    Though that said there are a few people working on clean 2-stroke technology (including forced induction 2-stroke) so I wouldn't rule out some sort of 2-stroke making an appearance in the future.
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  9. Hang on, that RD350 concept is an incredibly 2-stroke looking 4-stroke - the head might be a clever imitation of a 2-stroke-looking head (though I doubt it), but there's an expansion chamber and all... Are you certain? (Otherwise they should ditch the reference to RDs and admit it's an XT)
  10. Nope, not certain. There is conflicting info between what Yamaha is supposedly working on - and what is shown in that artist's rendition of what they're working on.

    Won't know for certain until Yamaha releases something official. But if they have managed to get a 2-stroke to comply with the newest Euro emissions then it'd be a major achievement.
  11. easier to take a blown r6 and graft the front suspension and swing arm onto the RD, completely different way of mounting the engines in the new bikes where its actually a stressed member. remember the rd/rz use a cradle frame (tzr is different)

    but it has been done,

    but here's the real kicker
  12. California law killed 2 stokers I am afraid, the issue was one that California riders fought but lost. The California Clean Air act prohibits registration of 2 stroke vehicles with less than 7500 miles on the clock. With such a large market locked out the manufacturers have no incentive for new variants.

    They are now phasing out off road and marine 2 strokes as well. :(
  13. Here's hoping that the new direct injection 2 strokes pass emissions
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