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RD250 - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by cosi, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. lalala thx thx thx thx

    anyone ever owned one?

  2. I think- they rock.

    Admittedly I haven't ever owned or ridden one (not that that ever stopped anyone commenting on Netrider), But I'm looking at getting the later yet similar RZ350.

    They were the quickest 250 in their day, and they seem to last forever (especially for a 2-stroke) as there's still a bunch of them getting around fine.

    Still, I wouldn't swap the ZX2R if you own one of them, it won't have any advantages, but still a very good bike in their own right.
  3. My first bike, 1974 B Model, memories memories.

    I wouldn't think there'd be too many unmolested RDs left though...
  4. i know a (car) mechanic with one, (not sure on the year) 16,000 miles on it (20k) sittin in his garage that hes aquired just recently.

    but he says it was sitting un used for a mighty few years.. could be problematic.. is that a word?

    i dunno if he'll sell it though :D
  5. Ask him for a look, take some digital pics and post them, let's have a look......
  6. A friend of ours has one, biggest bucket of crap there is. He has had it for 12months , it's been on and off the road the whole time.
    Always one thing or another wrong with it. Takes it to the shop within 3 weeks something else dies on it. Once going is great, so he could just have a lemon. Lucky he got a trailer load of spares when he bought it.

  7. LOL I have a friend who is thinking of selling his... But he spent SO much money on it... he bought a BRAND NEW petrol tank for it coz his old one had a little dint... The bike IS perfect pity he wants So much for it otherwise I would grab it...
  8. Like Hornet, the RD was almost my first bike, it was my first road bike after graduating from an XT250 chook chaser... and I loved it, rode it from Sale to Melbourne on most weekends and it sat idle all week (I lived on base .. you marched everybloodywhere) if there was one bike from my past that I could own again .. it would be that little ball tearing 250..