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RCV213V-S to be on show at Milan MC expo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RRdevil, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. All good and tasty, right up to the sting in the tail...
    "and a price tag that will put it well into supercar/house territory. "
  2. Meh I only report the news. There's people here who could afford it if they wanted. I however could not at supercar prices. $60K is my max for a bike I reckon
  3. Aye, I am sure you're right that some folk will pay heaps if they really want such a machine.

    It's a bit academic for me, given I probably couldn't ride it, and certainly couldn't afford it.
  4. Looking forward to seeing this bike, hopefully it signals a return to innovation (or exciting innovation, not DCT etc etc) for Honda. Even though I could never afford the bike, it may highlight and internal change in thinking / culture which could be represented in their main offerings (2015 cbr1000rr ??).

    The article also hinted at an Africa Twin.
  5. Won't be able to afford one but keen to see the details none the less.
  6. I'm sure jay Leno will be receiving one of each of the new headline bikes in the next few days lol
  7. Hmm, nice. Very close in appearance to the GP bike.

    Ill bet it's going to be expensive....
  8. If that can is legal it's a much better design aesthetically than their competition