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RC51 Imports??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by zxparker, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone knows if there will ever be the return of the RC51 VTR SP2 in Australia?

    If not then do you know if it would be viable to import one from the states, or from Europe? I think that the European one would be closer to compliance, but just wanting to know if this is even possible... They are just so hot!

    Thanks in advice as per usual!

  2. You can only import a new vehicle if you have owned it for a year.
    There are some companies in the US that will buy the vehicle on your behalf, register it under your name and store it for a year. You then need to go through a whole lotta paper work and apply for an import permit.

    Not sure of the on costs. I estimate you would be paying $10k-$15k on top of the bike costs.
  3. Well that sux!

    Honda Australia need to start bringing them in again, just for me!
  4. You should be able to bring them in under SEVS.

    I know it commonly covers cars but it should cover bikes also.

    As long as theyre not sold here in the year that you want to import then they usually need to be converted to meet Australian standards (ADRs) which should be pretty damn cheap on a bike.

    Shipping will be killer if its from Europe, anything from Japan/asia is usually around 2grand for a car.

    Just ring up some of the import brokers you should be able to get one from Japan easy.