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RC helicopters!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Feb 20, 2010.

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    Well, I've found a new hobby/interest. Spent the past couple days installing a HTPC for my father in-law + hanging out with him so he can see more of his lovely grand-daughter :D Anyway, he had a small coaxial (I think that is it) mini helicopter. It just 'stands upright' as it flys and is I think 190mm long (basic stats). Had immense fun with it, now it's motivated me to look into 'true' RC helicopters. Looking at 400-450 class '3D' (and not sure if it's tied in 1 to 1, CCPM) ones. Basically, the RC helicopters that can do the 'acrobatic' flying/stunts etc. Of course I realise I won't be doing this straight away but after viewing heaps of vids on youtube during research onto it, just loving it more and more! =D>

    I've narrowed my wants to either getting the RTF (Ready to Fly, prebuilt kit basically) Blade 400 http://www.modelflight.com.au/eflite/eflite_blade_400.htm or a clone of 'THE standard' (trex 450) called HK450. Basically, it's a made up kit of cheaper parts which the body clones the trex 450 which seems to be a 'legend' in RC helicopter world. Having to watch budget, renovating a house I bought PLUS we just got given notice to vacate the rental we're in *boo, this place IS THE BEST!* in April 20. Anywhere we move (most likely rent in Geelong, can't either move into the renovated place or a place we buy *IF* we decide to sell the renovated house for 1-2 years as I'm not going into debt at all to renovate it, my personal morals etc so I'm renovating it slowly and surely *wink*. But we'll be $300-$500 worse off per month rent side of things I think as this place was soooo cheap, especially for being 5 min walk from MCG. Places across the road, 1/2 the footprint of land + house are going for 2X+ rent. The owners son came back from overseas and is taking the house, I don't blame him but *mumble mumble*

    Soooo, anyway, RC helicopters!!! Anyone had experience with them and/or currently fly? I get tingles of hearing the chopper blades going, can't wait til I control one. And YES, I do know I won't be silly and try to be a 'hero' pilot instantly. Also I am getting "Phoenix Simulator (for PC)" so I can at least let out my 'crazier' side of piloting out and try to advance my skills without crashing the heli each time $$$$$$ So, I have a budget atm (usually am carefree with spending overall, I want it, I buy it 8-[) but this time, I wanna stay around $500-$600 all up initially and maybe a bit for ongoing. If I buy the hk450 kit, it will be cheaper, just not a 'known to fly setup' RTF prebuilt but I think it won't be too bad if I order various parts and build one myself. It will also give me the knowledge of what's inside the RC heli for when I will need to replace (rebuild?) various parts due to crashes etc. Also being cheaper overall is a good thing ;)

    Also I think this will be great for our child(ren?) when she/they grow a bit. Since laws down here means I can't take anyone younger than either 6 or 8 I think on the bike, having some fun down the local park etc with the RC helicopter, the family can come along and it's not big thing for them to spectate :) It's also good for me to find something else which is, mechanical + has a motor since I can't ride as much as I like due to the shoulder injury (and having a family, Emma is a bit happier if I don't ride all the time heh), it's also great a hobby/love with something else now that if it crashes, my body is safe ha! Hopefully will see that some others here have RC helis or at least used to fly (if used to, why not anymore?) I'll definitely have pics of whatever I end up buying/making as it happens (Monday is the D-day to order stuff I reckon).

    Just can't wait til the day comes where this is me controlling this:


    How good does a chopper sound starting up?? [media=youtube]L3gYrJ9GXRY[/media]

    I think (at moment) it's about on par the tingles I get listening to a RC heli and my 675 idling up, LOTS :p And can all the 'real life' pilots not heckle me too much, I'd have been a pilot I reckon if I had discovered the love of flying things as a kid, not as a 36 yr old father of 1 heh :nopity:
  2. I fly Nitros,,,,have an X-Cell Carbon Custom, with a JR electronics and a couple of other helos. Been flying on and off since the 80's.
    It's a great hobby, and with the electrics you can fly em anywhere.
    Have fun with it, maybe you wanna joing up with Melbourne Radio Contril Helicopter Club if you wanna get into it.
  3. hope u have a big wallet :)
  4. LOL, I'm fairly sure motorbikes cost (HEAPS) more ;) But well, I've saved six figures past 3-4 years since my off. Not bad for someone who hasn't worked since sometime in 2006 heh :angel: Also purchased the 675, mods, (ongoing stuff, helmets, leather apparel etc. Oh yeah, $6K on damn parts as well couple years back due to arm "stopped responding during a ride") in that time, I guess it's anywhere from $30K to $50K all up if I bothered to work out costs/petrol etc. I cannot see my new [extra] hobby being that hard on the wallet? And also, money is there to be spent for enjoyment of life, that's my mantra anyway

    But anyway, looking at the costs, I honestly thing motorbikes cost a heap more. More so time wise as I just also included Phoenix RC sim ($140) in my weekend of purchases. I'll be able to fly LOTS @ home without need for replacement parts due to crashes :busting:
  5. lol i bought 1 for $220 bout 5 years ago, set it up outside, thing took off like a rocket and landed again in little peices, ended up in the bin, then i bought a plane for $160, took it to a park, took off from a cricket wicket, everything was going good till a magpie decided to play dog wars, magpie won, never bought another 1 :)
  6. Hence I also bought the sim. Whilst learning, I'll be able to 'fly' for many many hours, make mistakes and only crash the virtual heli. I'll BABY the real thing whilst learning it (been told, easily the best thing for people in my situation to do)

    Anyway, I bought so far, Phoenix RC Sim http://www.phoenix-sim.com/gallery/gallery_001.htm

    a dx6i transmitter http://www.rcsmart.com.my/webshaper/pcm/pictures/Spektrum/dx6-2.jpg

    buys today is hk450 2 choices

    And then
    Brushless Outrunner Motor & Pinion Gear
    Lipoly Battery (2200mAh 3S)

    A semi busy day today researching the best parts for me (I don't want 'best', just great to best value for dollar since I'm not expecting the best performance (yet heh), just save $$ now to spend on better parts as needed in coming 1-2 years. Then after that, my budget should be virtually unlimited for it, just a little budget concious for 1-2 years due to financial responsibilities, renovating house etc. After it's all done, I'll be happy again financially (no restrictions) :)
  7. I fly R/C helis, competed at the World champs in Spain a few years back. Let me know if you have any questions. I have a website at www.littlerotors.com if you're keen to learn more.

  8. Nice. I'm slowly getting more educated. Just checking sites using google and other websites I frequent (OCAU, Whirlpool) and hobbyking, wattflyer + rcgroups forums. Next thing on the agenda is to check finless videos (I think that's the name), going to do that during the week, in between seeing friends (saying 'bye' before we move in 2 months) and packing up the house + looking for places to move to hehe.

    Hopefully as I read up, get my setup, hopefully put it together ok (hk450) and it goes ok :) This is the order I got, hoping it's not toooo terrible (first timer don't forget!)


    Part # F050 is http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=8574

    Part # F021 is http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=8548

    I will definitely check your website out tho, just going to bed now/soon.
  9. I got a remote control helicopter a few years back, has the control and usb to practice online ect, decided to disregard that and fly straight away, now it is is still in the garage awaiting extensive repairs
  10. Yeah, advice from anyone with experience has stated to practice with a sim [extenstively], I've taken that advice and got my dx6i transmitter, awaiting on the sim to arrive. The order from the actual heli kit should take a bit as it's awaiting back order parts, very happy with that situation. It'll give me time to practice my take off + hovering at least before the actual heli arrives. I don't know how I will be able to hold back from not wanting to fly it, when I've actually put it together of course.. It'll be a case of :busting: hehe.

    At least we've had good biking weather past week, I've been on the bike 4 or 5 days out of the past 7 days for good rides :)
  11. Hey any updates for us?!

    Reason I ask, I'm in a similar position I think. Xmas I got a Blade mCX, then a month later progressed to the mSR which I'm loving. So fast and nimble, and takes crashes very well.

    Next step I'm about to make is a Blade 400, but just use the DX6i with the Phoenix Sim (and the Blade 400 plug-in from the Blade 400 Bible that's supposed to be more realistic than the stock one). Once I can hover that confidently, will spool up the real one and hope for the best.

    I'm worried about repair costs with the bigger bird though. from 2 months on the mSR I've crashed maybe 50 times and spent about $30 in parts. I hear reports of average $40 per crash on the 400-sized ones :(
  12. I fly model aeroplanes at the moment and had always planned to branch into heli's later.
    I have 2 planes, and all the gear that goes with them.
    I started flying on the sim and probably got a good 20 hours up before i joined the club and got free lessons.

    I cannot stress enough to join a club.
    Most people buy a model, take it out and crash it and thats where the hobby ends.
    When you join a club, they assign an instructor who will stay with you until HE is confident you will be ok, and thats when you get your bronze wings, which allows you to fly unnasisted.

    There is also an insurance perspective, if your heli hits something, or more importantly someone, it wouldnt be pretty. If you dont actually kill them, you will probably loose everything you own after you are sued.

    For a small investment, you are introduced to like minded people, who know a LOT about what they do, can teach you how to fly without crashing anything, and you are always covered by accident insurance whilst flying at the club.

    But it is a great hobby, that you need not give up when old and unfit.
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    Strangely enough I got my model kits (bought 2 so I can use the other for spares in case I strip screws/nuts etc and/or choose the better part from each kit to build the 'best' heli out of the 2 kits. Luckily so far I haven't stripped anything but I did choose to use one part from the second kit, the gearing which goes under the main rotors had a better connection for me to thread the connecting screw to join the rotor assembly to the gearing better. So that worked out good :)

    So far from yesterdays slow build, first time builder + user, coupled with my injured arm, I really want (and need!) to take some aspects slow so I don't break anything, either the helicopter or my arm ;) The kits took so long to arrive, 2-3 weeks I think because the motor was on backorder from hobbyking.com for ages due to it being REAL popular. They sell 100s each time new stock arrives because it really is a great price + performance. Anyway, I've built the main assembly (cockpit, main rotors + gearing), motor, the 4 servos, tail shaft, tail assembly (rotors and stabilisers). So I guess I'm half way through having a fully active helicopter. Just have doctors and some other appointments today, most likely can't do any or that much work on it at all today.

    Can't wait tho! I've been flying Phoenix RC Sim using my dx6i transmitter whilst waiting for finished product, probably have 50 odd hours done.

    Here's the kit


    Final product, I got a couple upgrades just for stronger sections tho

    One day, I hope to do this (watch after 1:20)