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RBT`s [aus]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Billsy, May 31, 2009.

  1. Just a query...are foot patrols allowed to conduct a random breath test?

  2. Why wouldn't they be?

    With the correct equipment, I'd assume any sworn officer would be able to.
  3. Hmmm...a street with a few cars moving...i u-turned n got flagged over...breath tested...checked my arms for needle marks...maybe the start of bikers getting singled out...questioned a solicitor and he was very surprised i was the pick of a bunch of motorists :wink:
  4. But...that`s life...s`ppose u gotta accept it or go crazy, anyhow, just a query...thanks guys
  5. Checked your arms? Now, that does sound suss. Surely he'd need a reason to perform a bodily search. Whether or not your a drug user is none of their business if you are sober and don't fail any road side drug tests. I'd certainly be upset if someone wanted to check my arms for needle marks!
  6. Luckily for the OP they didn't check in between his toes!
  7. Does the "R" still stand for random :wink:

    But don't have a clue about the searching for needle marks :?
  8. Well obviously the police are beginning to throw proper resources to combat all those scourges on our society like diabetics, people who are vaccinated, blood donors, and chemotherapy patients.
  9. Yup, it'd be interesting to see how an untrained plod would be able to distinguish between an occasional drug injector and someone who self injects for medical reasons.

    I'd be more concerned that I am being asked and subjected to a physical search for no other reason than I am riding a bike, with no other cause. What do they do if they find stacks of track marks? Since when has being a drug addict itself been a criminal offence?

    fcuk me if we're not already at a police state.
  10. Nothing seems too random some days, 6.20am the other moring in the dark a police van set up around the corner from my work, it let every car go by but rbt'd every bike that came by, they stopped me after letting my workmates go by , informed me they were performing a random breath test, checked my licence then sat there watching cars go by as i put my helmet gloves neckwarmers etc back on, a hayubusa goes by and they launch straight out and pull him over, 40 odd cars from work none were pulled over 3 bikes that morning & we were all checked. was just a fishing expedition to check riders were licenced and riding within there restrictions i'd guess but rbt is a easy way to get you stopped
  11. ... :rofl: ...*Male Police officer unzips pants* Excuse me driver, please blow this... :shock:

    Ahem, *cough* sorry to distract from the serious discussion... :-w
  12. have u been there Rob? :grin: :grin:
  13. I'd expect an experienced police officer to be better at picking the difference a lot better than the general public. Looking at the track marks that can be found on a regular drug user are going to be totally different than stomach marks of a diabetic (or other location not involving veins), the outer arm marks of a person who has just had an intra muscular or subcutaneous injection of a vacine, and I would be worried if a blood donor is giving that often that they have the same track marks. As far as Chemor therapy goes, having assisted in the care of a number of such patients I would expect that other signs would provide the difference in appearance of the needle sites. How about some realism.

    Yes I would question the ability of the police to perform such a check without some sort of cause, but we don't know what else was involved or how the op presented to them at the time so any such queries are just supposition. He was the one there and if he didn't ask then it was a missed opportunity for knowledge. Just out of interest. Did you ask why, and if so what was the reply? Also were you wearing a jacket at the time of the stop or were you bare armed?
  14. Jacket, jeans, helmet (done up properly)... waedwe`s right...think with all the fiasco at the moment concerning bikers, ( outlaw or non outlaw) we`re gonna be on the hit list...just want to know how scooter riders fare :)
  15. Yep. Sounds like that may be the way. Hysterical, political, media generated response.

    Just smile and wave boys.
  16. I`ve concluded it must be envy...stuck in a cage every day,all day...these bikers have too much fun and freedom :wink:
  17. Then the police officer on the motorbike has it all? :LOL:
  18. Then the police officer on the motorbike has it all? :LOL:[/quote]

    And an attitude to go with it lol
  19. Re: RBT`s

    Yes, any cop can regardless of mode of transport.

    Re the drug search, a bit iffy but do-able. The presence of needle marks is not an offence. Could lead to a more thorough search, but unless any illegal substance is found - they can't do a thing.

    Why pick on bikers?
    We all know they are a scourge on decent user-pays society; not using as much road, not using enough petrol, not getting stuck in traffic, not paying tolls (sometimes), not suffering the parking search, and shock horror - they even maybe having fun whilst not doing all that! Disgraceful!
  20. Ask why they wanted to look at your arms. It would be interesting to see what the response was.

    Can any of the legal types here tell us whether they can actually ask to examine your body without due cause?