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Razorback the Combo From Hell

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  1. PatB submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Razorback the Combo From Hell

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  2. "I must have been a lot braver when I was younger :)"

    Too right, that hair cut............No seriously all you needed to finish that classic off was an umbrella and side stand for the drinks! Awesome machine - Love it!!
  3. Astonishingly, given that the photos were taken in 1995 and that I sold the evil bastard in August 1996 when I left the UK, the DVLA's website shows that it was taxed (and therefore, presumably, still in use) in late 2013. I can only assume that it killed its owner (Dog knows, it tried it often enough on me) and it's identity was subsequently used on a shiny but stolen GSX ;).
  4. Ha Ha the things you could write book on eh?