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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by NSSherlock, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Just bought a pair of these http://bikersgearaustralia.com/deta...TU5OA==&Txid=a60d589aed1ca1ce186f91d517600e0b

    They have much prettier pics at their ebay site but ebay costs 99c more.

    $59 + $10 shipping makes them the most expensive gloves at BGA. I've always liked Bikers Gear Australia gear. The items are of great quiality at affordable prices. I was going to go for Rhok gloves but could only see Yellow and black and then decided to go to my old trusty.

    Made of Cow aniline soft and supple for best grip control
    Complete with Stainless Steel finger, thumb and carbon Kevlar knuckle protection give maximum, durability and protection.
    Superior Grip and durability.
    Additional keprotec Kevlar on palm
    protection provides outstanding protection.
    Easy release and adjustment with strong Velcro wrist fastener
    Heat resistant. Strengthened leather palm for extra durability and extended life
    Abrasion and tear resistant.
    Water, dirt and oil resistant
    Soft padded, flexible, strong and very comfortable
    Finger vents, fastening wrist strap
    and carbon Kevlar panels
    Very Fast delivery & NEXT DAY SERVICE Guaranteed quality

    Be interesting to see how these go and will write a review after some use. Maybe someone can beat me to it.

  2. very nice. fantastic price for what you get