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Razer mouse giveaway

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by teodons, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Here

    These are great gaming mice for anyone that's interested. Anyways, they're doing a competition giving away heaps of stuff for people who enter the competition. There is one main prize and then a load more if you invite people to the signup page too. Probably worth the minute it takes to signup for a shot at a free mouse!

    Mod Edit : It would be nice to let the masses know that by following that link you provided they are helping your chances of winning!
    If you want to help teodons use his link or the general link to the comp is this one

    edit: Replaced with Bob's link.
  2. Only razer product i have is a razer mantis mouse mat. This thing is the size of a football field and i love it. Recommend it to anyone.
    Tried one of their mice but i didnt like it. Worked great just the shape was no good for me ;).
  3. Maybe the OP should be a bit more upfront about the link and the affiliate nature of it (and that the more people sign up from his link the bigger his chance of winning...)
  4. yeah I totally agree. I feel cheated, dirty, and moist.

    If anyone is really annoyed that they got herded into a pyramid comp unwittingly, you can still enter the comp via this link here. It is far better than the originial link as it may increase my chances of winning.

    Actually I sent my link to a few of my mates and they had the same comment - they didn't really like the fact that it was a pyramid comp. Full disclosure of what one's links pertain to is best.

    Basically, you enter the comp (via this link) and then every 10 people you sign up increase your chances of winning.

    The OPs link will gain you entry into the comp, but why use that one when the one I offer has the potential to make you feel confident* and attract women (or men)*, and also get your body ready for Summer**.

    Check out the before and after pics***!

    Before clicking roasters link:

    After clicking roasters link:

    *individual results may vary. No guarantee is provided for these claims. Claims based entirely on fiction.
    ** Contact my personal trainer, Summer, for an appointment.
    ***Before and after pics used without any licensing and are an artists interpretation of what may happen for people who have clicked my link. Gender change and extreme aging listed as one of the possible fictional side effects.
    NB I need more sleep...
  5. Report it
  6. Took a little searching but found the original link via FB, now you have choice to help the OP or not.

    Original link
  7. Woops, didn't realize and had just pasted the link they gave me after I signed up. Replaced with Bob's link now.
  8. I'm still confident that this link will make you see better in the dark, make you more potent in affairs of the bedroom, and broaden your shoulders by 3 inches (each side)*

    *none of these claims are in any way true.