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Ray Quincey Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by dundas, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. I often walk past Ray Quincey Motorcycles in the Melbourne CBD.

    Today when I walked past, the place was locked and bolted, there were no motorcycles in the shop or on the street as there normally are. No lights on inside, either, but the office equipment etc seemed to be still in there.

    Anyone know what's going on?
  2. They shut down. Someone was liquidating their stuff on ebay.
  3. They closed down very recently. A few weeks ago Ebay was flooded with auctions for luggage racks for various bikes, all starting at $20. The details in the ads indicated that the dealership was selling them because they were closing down.
  4. Good riddance. Can't think of a dodgier dealer in Australia. Shitbox bikes overpriced and gouging students on dodgy deals.
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  5. What about Sumoto?

    This is what happens when dealers have enough suitable new stock to make dodgy old grey imports no longer seem like such a good option.
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  6. Every city has its dog of a shop. Melbourne was ray quincy and is still the crooked dealers over at Sumoto: preying on unsuspecting learner riders with boy racer intentions.

    Sydney has Action Motorcycles (bunch of greasy crooks trying to dodge you on hidden costs at every turn) and one or two other shithouse dealers.
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  7. Good riddance also to Ray Quincey motorcycles.

    No wonder they shut with the pieces of crap they were trying to sell and let's not forget the retards that were working the shop floor.............absolute twats who didn't have a clue/any information about the bikes on the floor. Went in the store 3 times with friends who were interested in bikes they were selling and got the same pathetic service everytime.

  8. I'll never forget my first visit to Ray's house of ripoffs. I walked in, looked around while Ray was eating a sandwich and some guy with dreadlocks was openly looking at hardcore p0rn on a computer screen in the middle of the shop. Some Asian uni students were getting gauged on a deal out the back as a third staff member offering them $300 trade-in on a perfectly decent Vespa. Bunch of crooks.
  9. And by hardcore p0rn you obviously are talking about the quaint p0rn broker show that auctions junk, obviously.
  10. Yep Ray Quincey's definitely weren't known for good customer service. Just a cold vibe walking around that joint.
  11. Nope! :) Actual p0rn. I wish I was kidding.
  12. I used to share a house with a bloke who was a salesman there (long time ago). I heard many stories and in the end it just made me laugh. There are people walking around out there with 'rob me blind' tattooed on their foreheads. No sympathy.
  13. Pretty much. Maybe places like these need to exist in a weird kinda way? Places that make all the other places look amazing. I couldn't believe Rays. Sandboxed pieces of junk being passed as 'superbikes' and hapless students trading late-model vespas and cb250s for pennies.
  14. good riddance
  15. This would have to be the first time I'm actually pleased to see a motorbike shop close down...

    Karma at work :p
  16. I went in a couple of times looking for learner bikes a few years back, seems I had a lucky escape.