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Ray Quincey - are they in the same category as Sumoto ?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. I've heard that they're a similar dealership to Sumoto, but not in the 250cc way ?


  2. Pete, I can't speak for the dealership, but Ray was one of our most promising road-racers back in the 70s - 80s, cruelly robbed of a fair dinkum shot at the 250/350 world championship by an accident which broke his back, on a nasty little track in Belgium, of all places, as I recall. He was, and is, a genuinely nice guy.

    {That said, he may now have nothing to do with the business at all, companies often keep names for their goodwill....}
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  3. theres no way possible they could be as bad as sumoto :LOL:

    have heard a few bad stories from there, and i didn't like their range, but at least they're not in the habit of importing shitboxes and trying to sell them as new bikes :LOL:
  4. Years ago my dad bought a bike off him as a 1 owner...
    But itd come from another state and had had mulitple owners, so he took it back and got his money back.
    That was a fair while ago now tho, I don't know what there like to deal with these days.
  5. I bought a bike there and noticed the front tire was all perished and cracked in the side wall. They promised me a new tire. I came back a few days later when it had been roadworthied and regod. Still had the same front tire. They couldn't explain to me how it passed the roady.

    A mate of mine bought a bike there and when he got home his leg was covered in oil. They told him it was his problem and wouldn't do a thing about it.
  6. Hubby and I bought both of our 250s at Sumoto. Had great service with the first one... but the Spada died on me 5 km from the shop and they were closed when I rang them from the side of the road. A friend got it going and I got it home.... they told me to bring it back when I finally got through to them the next day. Another friend took it back for me and gave them a thrashing for selling unfit bikes to beginners. All was good after they 'fixed' it. Would not recommend anyone to go there.
  7. I bought a bike from Ray himself when I was getting back into riding and due to my inexperience my "super reliable, yeah great bike mate" CB750 turned out to be a dog. Had been badly crashed and pretty much all the body work had been repaired somewhere, and shittly too. It only had 30-40 thou on it but things need replacing left, right and centre.

    When I traded it the bloke took a look and said "you bought this from Ray Quincy". He's got a rep with other dealers for going to auctions and buying the shit heaps and selling them for what a good example is worth.

    He might seem like a nice guy but his bikes are expensive crap.
  8. I have never dealt with Sumoto and only know about them from what I have read on this forum. Quincy's didn't have the best reputation (in the early 90's at least) people always used to say "stay away". My ex bought a bike there a Kwaka GPX 750 and had no trouble with it. They used to have a lot of immaculately presented RGV's on their floor back then, which were of course all used, trashed and crashed ex-race bikes with the OEM fairings put back on. A lot of bikes seemed to get RWC's without necessarily being so.....

    There was once a story, could have been an urban myth, about someone Ray "wronged". The bloke alledgedly came back wheeled Ray into the middle of Elizabeth Street and wedged his wheelchair into the tram tracks and left him. I can't exactly recall what this was about.
  9. Seems to me that buying from a shop, which I used to think was a guarantee of better quality (RWC etc) is not necessarily the case.

    My first bike: from shop in Box Hill, went caput after three weeks.

    Second bike, from a different shop, in Nth Melb: forgot to tell me about the dodgy repair job on the rear wheel hub, such that the thing wobbled and chewed up bearings (they'd clearly filled/tightened the space with tin in order to get away with it for a few months)

    Third bike, shop in city: back sprocket not actually joined to the hub because the bolts were threaded - passed RWC - which must mean that "likely to kill or greviously injure" does not fall foul of its criteria!

    All I know of Quincey's is that he's selling an SR which mine puts to shame re condition, for a grande more than I payed for mine.
  10. I take it that a shop cannot RWC its own bike, and must take it to another? I'm guessing they must take it easy on each other's vehicles, a kind of mates thing, or scratch my back I'll scratch yours?
  11. I've got a feeling they can. :?
  12. I think they can as well...I can't find any info on the net to back it up though...didn't look too hard.
  13. Doonks.... at the end of the day..a dealer's credo is to make the most profit from a punter that they can... IMO.. if you find a bike at a shop and you like it, tell them you want your own mechanic to look at it, and if they don't like that, then they may have sometihing to hide.. if they agree to an independant inspection.. then find yourself a good reliable mechanic to check it out for you.

    but personally if I was buying used I would hunt out the private sales, they dont offer a warranty but neither do most dealers, other than the highly original line "no we don't give a warranty but you have our word as a respected dealer that this is a good buy" and most private sellers are more willing to talk a deal if they see the money.
  14. Happy Sumoto Customer

    I bought my Honda CBR 250 RR from Sumoto at the start of this year and its been great.
    I metioned this in another section as well. With all in all, 8 bikes have been purchased from Sumoto by my friends and family in the last 2 years and we cant complain.

    Dont take life to SERIOUS JUST ENJOY... :grin:
  15. Makes perfect sense 2 me.

    I still dont see any advantages in buying from a shop that justifies
    u spending the extra $$$ ya forking out to line their pockets n pay wages

    unless u buying new of course..
  16. You don't have to worry about it being stolen and warrenty or not, you know who to annoy the shit out of if you do have problems. Not all dealers have bad reputations so you might feel more comfortable buying from someone with a good rep (even if it's more psychological than logical). It also allows you to trade in the previous bike meaning you don't have to bugger around trying to sell it and it can be used as part of the barganing process.
  17. Dosent help someone like myself who has patience & can wait months
    on end to get the bargain im after.

    dont have to worry about a private bike being stolen as well. i chk the
    security register & can pay less than $30 as guarantee to have that
    in writing

    not interested in trading a bike into any shop when i know i'll get less
    than market value either. trading in a bike isent a bargaining tool.. they
    rip u off in their offer & do not reduce that same amount off the price of
    the bike you want

    that option benefits only those who are lazy & dont mine getting ripped
  18. We all forget that there is a good % of bikes at the dealerships that have been wreaten off and fixed up...

    Every dealership employee I know has at least one "project" bike on the floor... Some places like Ray Quincuy.. specialise (or atleast they did b4 down sizing) in fixing up smashed bikes and reselling them... A1 is another good place... and PS buys their bikes b4 they reach the Auction floor...
  19. I don't know Ray Quincey the guy personally - but I'll never ever buy from his shop again.

    Years ago I bought a bike from him.

    Test rode it, noted a few faults - the sales guy says, "don't worry they'll all be fixed in the roadworthy". (he was a very nice guy at this stage).

    I said OK, bought the bike, waited for them to organise the roadworthy, then picked it up.

    To my surprise, all the faults wwere still there - when asked, the guy says, I don't know what you're talking about. He even got Ray to come out and have a look. Ray of course supported his sales guy, and they both refused to fix any of the problems. (all of the sudden, the sales guy has turned into a "dunno what you're talking about" arsehole :evil:).

    So, I rode the bike away, and took it to another dealer. I told them I bought it from Ray Quincey, the the guy says

    "Shit, you bought it from Ray Quincey - we'd better have a real good look at it for you!"

    In summary - they found the following (much more than I had initially picked up):

    Front headset bearings shot
    Front discs warped
    rear disc undersized
    rear wheel bearing gone
    swingarm pivot badly worn
    front tyre unroadworthy
    The bike had been in a crash, and the sub frame around the headlight fairing was all bent
    ...and a few other things I can't recall, but they were the main items.

    In the end, I took the bike back to Ray Quincey (who had of course supposedly roadworthied this bike before I picked it up) with the roadworthy certificate.

    They were very unhelpful - even aggressive because I (nicely) bought the back asking to have the roadworthy items fixed.

    After much argument, and aggro they finally conceded that they had an obligation to make good on those things that they agreed with (they still refused to accept there was anything wrong with some of the items - for example, the front discs were very warped. On applying the front brakes the lever would shudder badly. The sales guy took it for a ride and came back saying "I don't know what you're talking about - I can't feel any shuddering!")..

    So, they begrudgingly fixed a couple of the items, and I just took the bike and left.

    I figured, screw those pricks, I don't trust them to have the things fixed properly anyway, so I took the bike to my mechanic and had everything fixed properly, and swore never to give the pricks any business again.


    I'm sure if you're lucky enough to find a great bike there, you won't have any hassles, but they (at least were) as dodgy as hell, and would have no hesitation in trying to send you away on a bike that was totally unsafe just to make a few bucks.
  20. Once again, though, not to deny your story, this was 'years ago' as have been a few others. (No, I don't work for Ray Quincey (I live 600 miles away) but he was a friend in his racing days.)
    Things may have changed since your experience (perhaps for the worst! :roll:!)
    Best bet for anyone considering buying from anyone is to take a knowledgeable Netrider along with you! :LOL: