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Raw Carbon Fibre cloth

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Takamii, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Just curious - does any one have a need or desire for raw unprocessed carbon fibre cloth ?

  2. Yes... do you have some? I just used up all mine...
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  4. Here's what I made earlier

    And here is the final product. Not bad looking IMO


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  5. I just went outside to take this pic. It's a biatch to work with when harden. You need proper cutting tools. I wish that I have a set of dremel... :(

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  6. can supply it if you wish
  7. How much (both price and quantity available)? My dad is always making bits for his boat...
  8. looks pretty good but you need to sand the clearcoat flat to remove the orange peel
  9. price will be $55 per m2 plus delivery costs

    I will have 20m2 hopefully available just before xmas if not then some time after 26th
  10. finally i can live out my batman fatacies :p
  11. It seems like there is some more to this than I knew...
  12. 200gsm twill weave but can supply basket weave ( plain ) as well
  13. I will take 40m2.

    I will blend the stuff into confetti and shower myself in it. I will rub it all over myself and sleep in it, i will then put it in a little basket with a little bowtie and pet it and we will just roll around.