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Raven drops it - Bloody NONG

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Yeah, ok...next time anyone sees my bike they'll notice some recent additions - scratches - EURGH!

    Slow turn across the slope of the road...reach out to the ground with right foot, after stuffing things up royally!...but the ground was'nt there...CRASH!..EURGH!...

    We've all been there, and done it (or will)...just danged annoying...

    It seems now, that I managed to wrench the ol' back a tad trying to hold it, and ermm...crunched my canastas...LOL...As if I was'nt already humiliated enough... :oops:

    Fortunately...my lovely pillion helped me pick up the fallen bird, and soothe my pride... :)

    A lesson learned. (again)
  2. When did you change bikes?

    Then again, I haven't been reading the news much so it could have happened and I wouldn't know :p

  3. Woops.

    Yeah no big deal, all bikes need some dinosaur bumps and scratches to feel tough.
  4. I've had the blackbird about 3 months - and LOVE it!. :)
  5. Ah...it's one of the great things about being a girl. :p :LOL:
  6. :LOL: :LOL: ...yeah, I can appreciate that just now, Rosie.. :LOL:
  7. Yo John
    at lease you are ok and sound like there is not too much damage
    ahhhhhhh the bird looked good when you got it any idea on cost to fix up ?
    will chat to you on friday night coffee
  8. Yes, what's a pillion to do when it seems the ride is going down? Abandon ship and confirm the drop by launching self off and exaggerating the lean? Try to save it by putting out mega long leg?! Or stay on and centered as if mid corner in hope that it might be rescued by the one up front? I guess I could have tried to put weight on the left peg (as it fell to the right), but I didn't think of that at the time... so trusting the rider to rescue it was what I did. I've got to say, it was the most gentle touch down I could have imagined! Probably thanks to poor Raven's back. But hopefully it's nothing a remedial massage can't fix :wink:

    So, on the search for a new mentor... Just kidding :LOL: . I always appreciate somebody ELSE stuffing up and reminding me not to get too cocky rather than having to do it for myself. Now that's one dedicated mentor!

    Just out of interest's sake, I rang up to see what the new fairings would cost for top & bottom front right = $1500 Aaarrggh! Lucky they're just superficial scratches and should be fine with either looking tough or more minor repairs.
  9. Jesus, not the lightest of bikes to drop & pick up.
    But yes those kind of drops are soooooooooooo damn friggin annoying when the ground decides to move on you :LOL:

    Glad all is ok, including the bike.
  10. poor little blackbird, they are not scratches they are custom fairings!
  11. aarghh, that moving ground is always in the wrong place :evil:

    I hope your back is OK, John, and your worthy pillion is not put off by the sudden exercise of gravity :)
  12. Bugger!!

    At least it sounds minor. Hope you're able to treat your back kindly for the next couple of days. A bad back really can suck.

  13. Oops!...so THAT's what happened....I was waiting for YOU to rescue it, Caroline... :p :LOL:

  14. That sucks mate. Hope your back is okay. Couldn't be the easiest thing to pick back up.
  15. G'day bugeater. :) ...
    Yeah mate...they're heavy when they're on their side...by myself I don't think I would have managed it, since it was on the low side...
    How's your bird going?...saw your report on the spur ride you enjoyed last week or so...give them their head and they can still rip it up. :grin:

  16. I believe the pillion is meant to twist and fall underneath the bike, to prevent it getting scratched by the road-surface.

    But you know, I'm probably just being a bit old-fashioned.
  17. Never mind the back - how are his canastas holding up? :LOL:
  18. ahahahahaha...(Aint sayin nothin)
  19. Hey gromit...thanks for the thought mate...ahahaha
  20. Well there you go. Shows how much attention i've been paying :p

    I'm off for the weekend. Stay safe y'all.