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Raven bites the dust - bike stuffed.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Ermm... I hope this is the right forum?... If not, feel free to move it.

    A few weeks back I was headed down to Ventnor, a sleepy little place a bit further down the road from cowes.

    Heading down the main road ( bitumen), my partner who was just ahead of me, turned left into a tight little street.
    I was only tootling at about 50 k's, slowed down to about 20, maybe 25ks, and just rolled on around the corner as one usually does, noting partners car ahead.

    Then the whole world turned to sh*t.!!!
    The little street I turned into was bitumen -but only for about 10 ft, at which point it turns to fine sceanings. The same as you tend to see where new bitumen has been laid and the loose little grey stones are spread over it so cars can compact it down.

    Of course, car traffic from the other direction had carried quite a bit of it over first bit of road that bitumen.

    On approach there was nothing to signify anything but a bitumen road coz that's what I saw on approach.

    Anyway midway through the turn I spotted the screenings just as the tail lost it, I turned the front wheel into the turn, nearly losing the front, saw a nice big grassy bit coming and figured no biggie, plenty of room, so I'll just run off into that.

    After I had almost straightened up by regaining traction on the rear buy shutting the throttle off, I was still a little crossed up when got to the grass, but still fully expecting to just run off on the grass and just stop.

    WRONG! there was little depression just as the grass started, and road stopped, the front dug in enough and I hi-sided at about 20k's, I suppose.

    Not to bad? Wrong again. The ground under the grass was as hard as cats head, and when I hit I slid awkwardly along on my left forearm and face, and it was one he'll of an impact for such a small incident, I really couldn't believe that it rang MY bell, so loudly.

    I laid their a few second thinking this is frigging ridiculous, then biker brain went oh SH*T!...the bike!!!!

    I staggered over to it and picked up, noting the blinker was gone, but that the front of the bike looked off centre. On closer inspection it appeared that when the bike high sided me, it followed, and came down very hard on the upper left side of headlight area. (Throw in here every expletive you can imagine or even make up)

    Insurance company has assessed it, and the damage bill!?? In excess of $9500, assuming nothing else is found as they start the rebuild.

    So...I'm fekking near speechless how such a stupid and boring little drop like that, can end up costing so much!! Especially when I had everything under good control, with just a simple stop on the grass in mind, right up until I could suddenly smell the grass!!!

    The way I tend to ride, I would have expected something far more spectacular and probably very painful, than this piss-weak little fall.

    And an absolutely perfect piece of equipment gets trashed just three houses away from it's destination and at the very last corner!
    Fu*kin unbelievable!!

    I'm struggling to learn anything from it, besides the generic crap like 'expect the unexpected' etc. It would have helped perhaps if I had spotted the loose gravel earlier, but damned stuff is more or less the same color as the road.
    But I do suspect that being so close to where we were heading, I probably just relaxed thinking the trip was virtually over...and so I got caught out.

    Now I'm just hoping the bike comes back in perfect shape like it was before this stupid little mishap.
    ( groan )
  2. Aw sh1t ... that's such a shame. I do understand, I do - I do. I binned the Aprilia on the broken up debris from a new pothole, which had been previously patched, and was all just bits of asphalt. Exactly the same colour as the road it was scattered on. And I'd driven a car around that corner not two hours before, and noticed no problem there.

    I know exactly what you mean about being almost embarrassed at having a such small low speed off, when the big one seemed so possible. And I know the horror that such a small and simple off can cause so much damage! Mine cost six and a half, but that was with the repairer trying hard to cut costs where he could, because it wasn't an insurance job.

    Are you hurt at all? Been to have yourself checked and looked at?
  3. Sorry for you John. No injuries?
  4. Awww shoite mate, bad luck. It can happen to anyone. Sounds like your ground speed was only twenty but add being thrown down and ouch. Bugger.
    Sounds like it's all R&R work. Hope they get all the parts quickly and it's all behind you before you know it.
  5. holy f*uck!

    raven!!!!!!!!! man! that's awful :(

    your poor baby :'(

    how are you holding up? hope bike comes back to you soon :( xx
  6. damn mate, i bet its playing over and over and over in your head too.

    its never nice to see a broken bike,
  7. Its one of those, Shit Happens Mate,
    Glad your allright tho,

    These are the things that happen on a bike, Which car drivers just dont understand, TAC, ETC,
  8. Damn mate, new bike to, how did u hold up?

    So the damage was $9500 and they are fixing it? how times have changed.

    Tell me u had the GoPro on? :)
  9. Sorry to hear your tale of woe Raven, but I am pleased you are OK. Chin up mate.
  10. Bugger mate.
  11. Wowsers sorry to hear and hope you have your bike fixed the way it was soon.
    So you were quiet literally in the superman pose and ready for flight.
  12. Track bike :D
  13. these things happen mate, im just stoked your ok - thank god for insurance
  14. Sounds like you are complaining that you didnt get a spectacular crash dude!

    Got out of it ok, which is the best anyone can ask :). Shame about (badly) denting the new wheels though...

    Got an idea of how to help prevent it in the future though. Buy a street sweeper and have the Mrs drive that instead of a car!
  15. Bugger! Hope you are fine and the bike ends up OK.
  16. Sorry to hear that John, glad you are ok, though.

    Its incredible what damage a low speed crash can do. The same sort of thing where people trip over their own feet and end up in hospital.

    $9500 and not a write off? What does a new Daytona cost over there?
  17. not good man but glad you're up and about.. as said many times, bikes can be fixed .. people sometimes don't.

    hope your up and at em again real soon mate
  18. +1.
    You can be happy you weren't in NSW or you'd be on a neg driving charge as well!
    Hope all goes well with the repairs.
  19. Sorry to hear about this Raven - such a small mishap and your pride and joy (no pun intended) is cactus.
    Can't believe that insurance is going to fix the bike with a quote like the one you got.
    I pretty much farted to excessively on the RVF and they wrote it off :)
  20. $9500 repairs?? would be alot easier if they just tick the write off box and fling you a new one

    sorry to hear about the off, but you got your health. could've been the other way around with little to no damage to the bike, but major damage to yourself (broken ribs, punctured spleen, internal bleeding, ruptured sphincter) etc and then it would be more painful and you'd be out for much longer!!

    shame as it was such a gorgeous bike

    time to fill that bag of luck back up!!