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Rave scene

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Demaros, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. I was just wandering if theres anyone else in the forum that's into the rave scene, in particular darkcore.

  2. if you had asked me 10 years ago i would have answered 'yes' :LOL:

    thesedays it's more one-offs and the occasional club for me 8)
  3. melton!! i miss melton...
    do they have raves in melton now!!
    yeah raves are good. bit more up goldie eh? whats darkcore now?
    i like dj tiesto, armin van burren..
    want to go to a tiesto gig asap... 8)
  4. i have seen lab 4 perform live about 10 times now

    (i love my high nrg house)

    listen to stungun live and feels like your heart is gonna explode (240bpm will do that to you though)
  5. This is alittle O/T but has anyone seen the video of John Petrucci Playing a solo at i think it is 220bpm on A GUITAR!!! What a legend he is
  6. OMG I've been out of the rave scene too long:

    Just what the hell is "Dark Core"?

    Happy Hard was my fave.
  7. darkcore is basically jungle/drum n bass :)D) with a dark mood to it.

    melton blows, i'm in the mood to go raving for some damn reason
  8. Darkcore is for people that look like Demaros's avatar..lol
  9. I would have thought that there was enough raving here without going looking anywhere else!!!!

  10. saw them live at the old battersey power station in the uk, they played a 2 1/2 set and had a jamacan guy on bongos with them, he improv'd the whole set and was bloody amazin, although its a damn site easier to get 180 - 240 bpm out of bongos than a guitar, mr Petrucci definately sounds like a legend

    just checked out his website (there are some samples of his work) sounds like a guitarist from the 80's - 90's called yngwie J Malmsteen, he used to win all the speed guitar comps using a salmon pink fender stratocaster
  11. dude thats a pic of me i took last night :(
  12. LOL I went to one of the first Earthcores ever... (ah those were the days of free love and natural highs...)
    And just as I was growing out of the raves I went to the last real Earthcore (Ah the yuth of today... way to many engeniered highs)
  13. I hate the big raves (as such) but love going out to a smaller club for some good tunes.
    Usually some Breaks, DnB, Prog, underground house or Hip Hop. :)

    A friend from NZ is playing Breaks at the colonial tonight so am going to that.

    Its one of the things I love about Melbourne. The dance music scene is awsome.
  14. Fookin' ravers...

    techno snob
  15. Not so much raves anymore (to tired, old and tight with my $$$$ :shock: :wink: :LOL: ), but I still LOVE to listen!!

    ...Looks like I felt this morning :shock: :LOL:

    :D :D :D
  16. 240bpm is how fast their hearts are going with all the rock and pills haha

    *runs away before he gets chased*