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Rave club this friday Aug 4

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Ok, for those of us that are into some rave/hard dance action, this Friday I am going to 3D (CBD, McKillop Lane), they are playing the top 100 rave tracks from the last 5 years.

    Only $5 to get in before 11.00pm, the club opens from 10pm to 7.00am. Happy hour at the bar from 10 ~ 12pm

    This is going to be one big night for dancing, wooh!
  2. Sounds like there'd be some great music there!

    Happy hour at a rave? Is that where bottled water gets sold for $3 instead of the usual $6?
  3. have they ACTUALY recorded 100 top rave tracks yet?? :p

    have a ball guys
  4. They've got all the Top 100 on vinyl, I would have most of them in my comp I'm sure,
  5. Can't make it to this anymore :cry:
  6. You'll be missed Michael :(
  7. I think im going to fitzory to drink away my sorrows with kerry, sean, and a few others... maybe next time :)
  8. This is a little hard-dance, I didn't expect you would want to come VMB, my sorrows are going to be danced away ;-) Hope you have a good night. You never know where we could end up during the evening :)
  9. yeah its not really my scene :LOL: but Im up for it on occasion :)
    im definetly going to be in more of a drinking/talking mood more than dancing :)
    last time was a once off, im not normally passed out on the couch!!! :rofl:
  10. Hey Johnny,

    My brother is down from darwin and my parents are coming from bairnsdale this weekend @ Melbourne.
    So no for me :(

    Oh and Kraven has to stay home and bake cakes with his mama so he can't go out
  11. Oh Johnny!!! Why didnt i know about this earlier????

    Hmm lately i get booked out so quickly lol... :shock: :LOL: :cool:

    Ok ill see if i can make it.. i have a few things im doing beforehand but you know im always, always, always up for a big night....

    Ill sms you hun :wink:

  12. oH Oh oh me and a few fnds wld def be up for that! Gota love it!

    Johnny O can you please PM me your phone number and I'll PM you mine so we can say hey.

    CANT WAIT!!!! :shock:

  13. Hey was a great night, Snakegal and I danced our asses of, left there at 6.00am :grin:
  14. Gota say that Jonny O parties hard! I had a ball you! Loved your "Jonny O" singlet top too.

    I only got back at 10:30 this morn...went to day club after 3D hehe :shock:

    Cheers for the guestlist 4 me and friends! Ur a ledgend JO! :wink:
  15. You have a top with your name on it ?
  16. Of course, how else are people gunna know who Johnny O is?
  17. Look for the hottest guy in da club?
  18. The oldest guy :roll:
  19. Hey Johnny O,
    just found the thread, bugger would have loved to be there.. and i was clear from work at 2am last friday...
    will try and keep a little more aware for the next one if its on again and you'll go..
  20. :LOL: my dad says hi ;)