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Rattling CB600F Hornet Visor

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by takagawa, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. I have an '08 Hornet with a visor. At around 4-5k rpms the vibrations hit some sort of resonance which makes it rattle like crazy. Drives me crazy when it happens.

    Any tips on how to reduce the rattle? I've been thinking there must be some special type of washer that can absorb the vibration so it doesn't rattle.


  2. Either that or it's touching on something
  3. Yea, I reckon it's the way the visor is sitting up against the instrument cluster. There's four very thin rubber grommet on the instrument cluster, and Visor sits on top of that where it gets screwed in. I reckon the grommet is a little too thin and narrow such that the plastic of the Visor comes up against the plastic of the instrument cluster causing the rattle.

    Question is, where can I get something that puts a bit more distance and rubber between the visor and the cluster.
  4. I'd reckon you could probably make something yourself. Maybe a piece of bicycle tube??
  5. did you solve your problem?

    I also have a cb600f '08 model, and mine does the same thing - something in the instrument panel rattles and vibrates loudly at 5000rpm. thing is, i dont have a visor...
  6. clarke rubber