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Rattling/buzzing noise at 7000rpm K6 GSXR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Badge33, May 5, 2009.

  1. I have a 2006 GSXR750 (K6) that is making an annoying rattling/buzzing (metallic like) noise only around the 7000 rev range, coming from the rear of the bike. The mods are a fender eliminator and Akrapovic carbon fibre slip-on muffler. I think the noise is coming from the muffler.

    My bike mechanic had a listen but could not pinpoint the noise. He tapped the muffler to see if anything was loose but found nothing.

    It might just be a fault with the muffler which can't be fixed. Can anyone help?


    ps - no, I can't keep it under 7000 revs ;)

  2. If a mechanic, looking right at the bike, can't find it, we're gonna struggle to help. Can you put the standard can back on to see if it stops the noise? That would at least isolate the muffler as the issue, and with the muffler off you might be able to find something.
  3. only in the 7000 range? go higher then, problem solved
  4. remove muffler, ride around for a bit and check for noise.. if gone, you know its the muffler.
  5. Ok, thanks for your advice. I will give it a try without the Akro muffler and see.
  6. Ok, I went for a test ride without the muffler and number plate, and still the buzz noise!!

    The last thing I can think of is the number plate bracket, otherwise I will have to get everything fuly checked over by my mechanic?

    I wonder if anyone has had a similar noise coming from their fender eliminator?
  7. I had it with mine around 6k but around the front fairing/screen area. Turned out a couple of tangs that clip in for the mirror mount covers (on the inside) were loose (and needed insulating with some rubber). Its probably something similar, loose or rubbing.. Just have to check around I guess...
  8. This may seem stupid, but earplugs and a stethoscope work wonders for isolating buzzes/rattles.
  9. I had a rattling noise on my bike from 4k - 7k rpm I swore it was from the engine.
    It ended up being being that the glass in my mirror was rattling. Silastic fixed it.

    Just held the glass when in the rattle rev range to find it.
  10. Screwdriver.
  11. ^^

    Get BIG screw driver... put pointy bit on part, put ear on end of handle. If not rattling, try pointy bit on next suspect. Rinse, repeat.
  12. Finally found where the noise is coming from, the front part of the boot. Just got to work out how to fix it now.
  13. To Clark Rubber you go! :grin:
    Medium/High density adhesive backed foam to put a moderate pressure on the area works wonders.