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Rattling at start off

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tonee, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. My ZZR250 makes some rattling noises as i let off the clutch t 1st gear.
    The noises doesnt come on when the bike gets a slight role from downward slops but on even and especially upward slopes.

    The bike was fine before when i got it 2 weeks ago, am i riding it incorrectly to cause this?
  2. Check your oil levels and maybe change it, see if that then goes away, if not then something else is amiss.
  3. Lots of variables.

    One constant

    Ride it carefully to a mechanic and get him to ride it and diagnose.
  4. I just changed the oil last week. Could it be the clutch?
  5. It's hard to tell and I don't know how mechanically inclined you are, check your clutch cable. as well, check and see if your oil leveks are correct, what type of oil did you use?
    If all else fails take it to the mechanic.
  6. You are dialling up a few thousand revs before you let out the clutch to friction point, right? The engine makes next to no power at idle speed (1250 rpm) and will sound like it's going to stall if you release the clutch lever at those speeds.

    The rattling noises could also be the camchain. This is completely normal on this bike, and the rattling will disappear once it's pulling cleanly with a few thousand revs on board.
  7. well i did thought about the revs and friction point, but ive been ridng like this since and it only happened a few days go.

    ill try starting at higher revs later see how it goes