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Rattle when i roll off the throttle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Casper68, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. HI all,
    I have a Honda VTR1000 2001 model.I have a rattle starting, this occurs when i roll off the power.The bike has done approx 46000 km.Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. it could be a heap of things. need more info.

    is it an engine noise? transmission noise? chain rattle? fairings/brackets/lights vibrating?
  3. hi it is comming the engine.
  4. Can you get it to happen stationary? In neutral? clutch in and/or out?
  5. VTR1000 is famous for doing the cam chain/guide/tensioner on the front pot after that many km.
  6. big end bearings make a horrible noise when the motor is decelerated, worst case the piston touches (slams) into the cylinder head. it will make this noise with the bike stationary. a simple rev, followed by a death rattle on engine decel will confirm this.

    to rule out any major internal damage, drop the oil out of the motor and check for any gold/brass coloured particles. it looks like glitter. if the bike passes that test, pour the oil back in, and then check cam chain tension. if you can mod the factory tensioner to manual operation (rather than oil pressure), do this.

    after that, pop off the clutch cover and have a looksee in there. i know of one VTR that had the clutch basket come loose and destroy the insides of the cases.... was a 2000km old bike too! maybe your clutch nut is loose and there's excessive movement in the driveline?

    lastly, is the (final drive) chain the correct tension?
  7. HI,
    It happens as you roll off the throttle thats when its most noticable,in between just off the power and a closed off throttle.
    There is no indication of it when i blip the throttle while stationary with or without the clutch engaged.
  8. Bodes well for it just being the drive chain. Maybe front sprocket.

    I've hade problems I swear were coming from the front of the bike, but a quicke ride down the street without a helmet confirmed they were coming from the rear.

    Still could be a clutch problem, however. what does it do if you hold the clutch in whilst rolling and come off the power?

    Is the engine braking effected?
  9. Ibast is most spot on I reckon,
    Sounds like chain rattle to me
  10. I've had two experiences of engines that made rattling noises that were most noticeable when there was just a touch of power on, just as the throttle was being closed. It gradually got more noticeable.
    Both times it was a big end bearing.
  11. Could be a sticking cam chain tensioner, does it rattle at between a specific rev range?

    Changing the cam chain tensioner is a relatively simple job that should only take about an hour at max.