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Rattle in the mornings, chain? or something else

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TAX123, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. my bike has a ticking rattling sound in the morning when cold thats bad at low rpm, when it revs above 2k it goes away, same when its warm. I think it could be the chain? but up for any ideas. if it is the chain would a thicker oil help, say from a 10w to a 15w , do they snap when old or will it rattle for years and keep going? got a quote for $400 to replace chain is that too much or ok?

  2. A couple of questions:

    The rattle does not occur when you rev in neutral, True or False?
    What type of bike is it?
  3. the bike is a yam r6
    the rattle goes away over 2k rpm when cold it idles around 1.3k when cold
    this is in neutral yes
  4. false / R6
  5. Cam chain rattle most likely a tensioner is the culprit.
    How many ks has the r6?
  6. the r6 has 50k
  7. Oh I love playing 20 questions :)

    Does the noise go away when you engage the clutch ?
  8. I think Smee is right, does that model have a hydraulic cam chain tensioner?
  9. If it is cam chain tensioner, the noise should be coming from the right side of the bike. ???
    Hydraulic tensioner it appears: R6 2008 Service Manual (PDF)
  10. The fact it goes away at revs would suggest the cam chain tensioner.
  11. no..........
  12. yes.........
  13. so i need to get the chain and tensioner done, or when the guy quoted me do they usually replace the tensioner with the chain? is $400 ok for that job

    are you a bike mechanic? if so where do you work and how much would you charge ?
  14. I'm not a mechanic. $400 sounds like a chain and tensioner replacement, thought it will depend on how easily the existing tensioner is replaced. He may be worried about the splipping a tooth on the chain when replacing and as such is allowing to pull engine covers etc to get it back again.

    You can replace them with manual tensioners and this eliminates continual failure, but it doesn't mean they need to be adjusted occasionally.
  15. is there a chance of the whole thing falling apart soon or is it just the noise for years before it breaks?
  16. If left long enough it could lead to a chain failure and/or a valve hitting a piston.

    Get some more quotes. I don't the model well enough, but it might be simply a case of removing one fairng side, unbolting the old and bolting in the new (particulaarly if it is on one end of the engine rather than in the middle). $100 odd for the tension and 1/2hr labour. Or the $400 could be genuine.
  17. I don't know the model but it is normal on some bikes when they are cold.
  18. You should ask your mech if it includes a new cam chain or not, If it does, it sounds like a bargain to me. Price sounds about right for a new tensioner (only) installed on most bikes.
    Might not need a new chain, anyway. Ask a few other mechanics what they think. It's not going to get better and eventually it could destroy your engine.