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Rattle Can fairings... HELP!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by athakkar22, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Hey guys

    Just wondering if anybody here has done a rattle can job on their fairings? On a bit of a budget at the moment so planning to start on my track fairings...

    If anybody has any experience or guidance on what are/where to buy half-decent cans, any pointers or tips let me know!

    Have spent the last few days googling and youtubing and think I should be okay. :sneaky:

  2. Don't buy $2 cans, I got the big ones supercheap auto sell. They are pretty good. I'm no expert but mine came out ok.
  3. nice smooth even coats...more coats thinner is better. Not in the sun & not on a cold day.
    Pretty much anything I paint these days I do 2-5 thin clear coats once done... Just bunnings Matte clear coat... seems to just protect the paint that tiny bit extra.
  4. Still shit paint at super cheap - you want graffin paint - Montana's, belton's, crunch....to a lesser extent - ironlak's

    Never played with krylons as they weren't readily available in aus

    I know when I was living in melb there was a graffin shop that sold mainly crunch n Montana's in ...what's that ghetto place in the north west....sunshine ? Who knows most shops don't last long

    Found these guys after a quick search http://graffitisupplies.org/australia/melbourne/giant-productions/ give em a call to make sure they still up n running n head down there for some proper paint - will be more expensive (maybe 30 a can absolute max) but I doubt it'd be that much - either way if your gonna go that route I'd use nothing less than the brands mentioned personally as I spent years painting with them
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  6. Okay cool. Picked up some paint, any idea on primers? Went past supercheap and they had a primer for $15 odd, no idea what options are available for spray cans though? They didnt seem to have much options... Cheers guys btw!
  7. I got to look at doing this to soon, do you have any good links you can throw up on technique and prep?
  8. Kanga...my post...you will not find better spray paint than the names I mentioned.
  9. Ah your in Sydney too ! Pretty sure there's still the butchers shop open in Liverpool area (paint supplies - not meat) and if Lopez records is still open they used to sell ironlak's n Montana's n shit - can ask a mate in the city about suppliers in the CBD
  10. Yep I looked at that link you put up and found a store in newtown which is the next burb over (https://567king.com), just looking more for techniques for prep work like sanding and such. Seems to be a fair few different techniques.
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  11. Don't use many spray cans these days, but prep is pretty much the same. Prime, light sand, couple of base coats-no sanding if metallic, then some clear top coats with a light sand for as many coats as you feel it needs.

    Just one thing to watch is compatibility with the front mudgaurd if you're doing that. They're usually a different material and are painted with a different chemistry. If you have any scratches or dings that show the base material;, you might have to use an isolator coat with a neutral solvent (like metho) to seal it first. You can get that in spray cans too.

    Don't forget the pics ;)

  12. Rattle cans hey, prep time is the same, outcome is not. Initially it looks the same, then it doesnt. So if you are going to rattle can it, dont kill yourself with the prep, it's not worth it IMO. Save it for the proper paintjob later on. Another tip depending on your climate was to warm the cans up prior to use to help with the extraction/consistency, so leave the cans in a bucket of mildly warm water prior to use.