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Rate this logo.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Zbike, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Fukin awsome

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  4. WTF is that supposed to be / crap

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  1. Hey i need to make a logo for a motorbike respray fairing repair place.

    Could i get some feedback on what u think of this one.

    Suggestion for improvements alternate logos are welcome
  2. Sorry but you asked.....if it's called Alien Spraypainting then it's awesome....

    Suggestions - some graphic paintwork and fully sick wheels

    EDIT - didn't see repair place, then shiny exhaust and show some motor
  3. [​IMG]
    have this one.
    i spent a whole 10 minutes on it :grin:
    im here all week....
  4. Makes me think of Marge Simpson on a bike.

  5. some thoughts...

    the logo is a very static one.. what is the intention of the business, do theey want to convey a dynamic avnanced ahead of the pack image

    or do they want to convey solid dependable, reliable.
    or etcetc
    i.e. what is the company image they are after.

    your logo has no lines of action. My eyes are drawn from the front faring up to the head of the rider, but then I don't know which was to go.. it appears i should follow the hair -> away from the rest of the logo. or i can follow a squiggly line down to the feet and then back up to the front faring... which is problematic because i want to look at the back wheel..

    hence me sayign no lines of action

    see the nike logo for the most obvious line of action (duh! :p)

    or the g8 groups of unis

    see the solid 'dependable' logo but with the dynamic arrow "we're on the up and up" (with the added bonus of looking aussie!)

    how about combining the scatter of spray paint into the speed of motion blur of a moving bike? with the bike looking like an arrow moving right...
    thats if they wnat dynamic... it is really up to the brief....
  6. First thing that came to my mind, too! :wink:
  7. You cut it out and put the plastic warp thing on it.....and that took 10 mins?
  8. Just one suggestion. Make it BIGGER!!!.
    (industry in-joke :wink: ).
  9. Can I suggest www.premiumlogo.com.au as a starting place, I am going through the same thing designing a logo, these guys are great and are reasonably priced. It needs to be professional if you are looking at a logo, otherwise, people will walk away.

    It does look like marge simpson though :grin:
  10. i was drinking a beer at the same time! :LOL:
    i also removed numbers, advertising and other identifying marks :grin:
    i neva said i was a gun!
  11. Sorry mate, it looks like a dodgy piece of clip art.
  12. Any logo which allows an immature 8th Grade student to draw a pen1s or boobies on it really needs to be reconsidered !
  13. the head needs bit tucking
  14. Marge Simpson with a big arse! :facepalm:
  15. I'm surprised the anti-squidders haven't fired up - Where's Marge's helmet? :LOL:
  16. * Very ordinary *

    100% rubbish. [​IMG]

    Ask someone to do one for ya bud cause..