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Rate this Logo Round 3

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Zbike, Sep 28, 2007.

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  4. my unties cousins 5 year old can do beta

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  1. Ok third time lucky

    Rember for a respray motorcycle shop

    made by my buetifull girlfreind

    Ill poost up a larger one later
    Bigger and slightly more cleaned up version

  2. It's getting there.

    The top half still doesn't fit in though.... maybe the colours are different? (the red)
  3. better, but still a bit amatuer. But hey what do I know? Nuffing :grin:
  4. Awwwww, I came to this thread for another belly laugh, ya bastard.

    This is much better. Refine it a bit and you've got a logo I reckon.
  5. Yep much better.

    Just needs some polishing and it will be sweet.. What did you create it in? If you want to send it to me I could clean it up..

    Also the colour in o is a bit windows 3.1
  6. Heading in the right direction, still a little way to go
  7. Nice of you to fit in the international gay logo.
  8. You're almost there!! This is GREAT!!! Maybe widen the I in ZION do it's the same thickness as the N to make the lettering more uniform.....

    I can see it in a gloss finish on some swish new business cards... might even be tempted to use you!!!
  9. WOOT i think im on a winner just gunna clean it up and shadow and stuff. Gimmie a little while.


    Its internation colour for paint, the homos (nice happy people that they are) stole it
  10. This is much better, but a different font for the word 'BIKES' would be in order. That font is pretty boring.
  11. Sharpen it up a bit ie remove the shadow , get rid of the technicolor and replace it with a contrasting color might be the go.
  12. I think the "bikes" should be removed altogether.
  13. Agree.... the bikes is superflous - you should be able to tell from the image or you havent got it quite right.
  14. i think the bike picture needs to be racier, just like the name letter; or put it in diff color? and what's up with the flashlight on the helmet :grin:
  15. Actually some of these comments are pretty good.

    I agree that you should remove the word "bikes" and to compensate you should make the rider look more like a rider.

    :LOL: Yup, the flashlight's got to go.
  16. I miss the alien egg head on the bike!! No joking this one looks way better. The one on the top is better than the one on the bottom.
  17. Good point.

    And suddenly he's wearing a miner's helmet?
  18. I like the look of the proper O in the top one better.

    And BIKES looks a bit bland, why not put that in the same font as Zion??
  19. How about stretching the bike image and modifying the tail of the 'N' so that it looks like an undertail pipe?
  20. Definately your best effort to date. I agree with the others - work on the bike a little and remove the word bike :grin:.