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Rate this logo Round 2

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Zbike, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Great logo

  2. Fine

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  3. You have visted Dues ex Machinia one to many times

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  4. Crap did a five year old come up with that

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  1. Ok i think the concensus was the last logo sucked.

    Ill stare harder at it till it looks better.

    Heres another one althou seem a bit to complicated for a logo for my liking
  2. is the shop situated in the Bondi/Eastern subs area of syd ?
  3. Dude, farm the job out, you seriously suck when it comes to logos.
    Steal one off the net and work it a little bit

  4. Strike 2. The new logo looks like they make custom 1920's bicycles.

    I couldn't do any better myself, though. I suck at art. :grin:
  5. Geeze I thought your 1st attempt sucked, but I was so wrong. The 2nd one is worse.


    I'd take Vic's advice dude. :wink:
  6. they aren't paying you for this are they?? :?
  7. Are we going to have strike 3 and your out?
    Take vic's advice.
  8. Dude, welcome to the wonderful world of graphics, where everyone thinks that they can do better than you :LOL: , hope you enjoy everyone telling you what an idiot you are, how they told you what they wanted (and you're just not doing it!), and how they'll get their kid to do better if you can't do it right :? . (Because being a Marketing Professional means that they Know Everything.)
    You also get get to work 'til 4 in the morning plus weekends for NO PAY and be replaced by a school leaver after every second birthday. :)
    Do I miss it? Er, yeah, actually...
  9. I was laughing my arse off before I opened this thread. Now I'm in pain.
  10. Isn't that a naked bike in the logo trying to represent a plastiweld service?????
  11. Isnt "motorbikes" one word?
  12. Looks a little old-school I will have to say. Could imagine it (with a bit of tweaking) looking cool on a custom motorcycle shop, but for a repairs place...

    Maybe consider something a little more simple and less artistic. Still have the a bike though (of course)

    Hey, but I don't pretent to have all the answers either. Just critiqueing (spelling?)

  13. I'll make you a schmick one for free, if you give me 200 bucks :p
  14. we are waiting for round 3
  15. Have you tried to put a helmet in the O of Zion, or is that just me staring at an ink blob?
  16. Errrr sorry but strike 2 !! :LOL:

    I dont have a swish pc, but maybe someone can play around with putting something like these 2 together as 1 pic ???

    [​IMG]+ [​IMG]

    :? just a thought
  17. Here's one I prepared earlier:

  18. I just reliased i drew my CM250 that i just bought DOH

    Lol yeah thats guna be round 3, i was thinking about it earlier.

    Lol still cant believe i went worse on my 2nd attempt
  19. Thicken the outline of the bike, neaten up the ZION so it doesn't look like a kid did it...

    If all else fails, Start Button - All Programs - Microsoft Publisher - and start playing - worked for me everytime my boss wanted something new
  20. Even Marge Simpson thinks this latest logo is worse.