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Rate the Plate

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Trigger, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. www.ratetheplate.com.au/

    interesting little site...had a near miss..dob them in, pissed someone off?.. they may have dobbed you in!
  2. More interesting is the accident statistics, no idea where they get them from but :
  3. I'm clean!

    Unsurprising really - I drive a Volvo ;)
  4. well i just checked mine. all clean.

    see it just go's to show, it's a load of old tripe.
  5. hahahahahahahahaha

    my work car is in on there parked illegally? wtf i never park it illegally

    yes it is definately my work car they even put my companys name on there, i want to find the fcuker that put that there and find out what drugs they were smoking at the time
  6. yeh, you want some too? :LOL:
  7. Pissed anyone off lately?

    Some of those entries (most of them actually) look like personal vendettas.
  8. lol, nah mine is legit in a way, went back through my pda to the complaint time, except that where i parked the parking inspectors couldn't do me, as the area has bollard and boom gates around it, hmm hopefully the same fark, put in complaqints about the govenment vechiles parked illegaly in the loading zones causing me to park where i did
  9. Yup.

    And more to the point, they're 100% pointless. How does it effect anyone?? Unless there is technology available to the public that scans every plate around them and brings up possible warnings, its a totally useless website.
  10. IMO Thats an example of why these sites shouldnt exist... people report things out of context of the situation. James if u explained that to the person who reported u, they most likely wouldnt have done it.
  11. except when your in a signed vehcile and they put up the business name, which can cause a lot of problems, especially with who the company i work for deals with
  12. lol bit hard to when i just found out it happened, and all the tradies that work in that area use the same place for parking hell i still do if all the loading zones are taken
  13. :shock:
    the amount of kms i do, the silly-bugger games we play with each other (me and the fellow trucks/utes) and just generally the way i drive....i am amazed that none of the 3 work vehicles that i have been through in the last year have been reported!
  14. HMMM. i'v seen 3 police bikes parked on the foot path in the last month. i just though out the pice of paper with the rego time and place on it.


    But i'll put it on there next time. i 2 of the cases there was no room for a wheel chair to get past, one of those was on a 4 lane very bussy road.
  15. Yep...looks like that's what it's all about...little whiners trying to stick it up someone because whatever was happening did'nt suit them.

    I HATE dobbers!
  16. That place is just full of assholes comparing whose shit smells better.

    There is a user there called "Taxman" who has registered 1604 plates since June 08 this year. He put in 45 plates yesterday alone. It must take him hours to get to work each day if he is constantly pulling over to record the details of each vehicle, unless of course he just pulls out his pen and writes them down while driving :roll:. $50 says he drives a 4x4.
  17. FATSS doing burnouts :shock: Really no kidding, with plates like that you HAVE to do them :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Loved this comment:

    "I saw this idiot in nsw when i was on holidays in my car and the ***** was on his mobile phone, and i remember this incident cause he have very fat head and i laugh at him and he noticed whilst driving and he give me the finger and i quickly turned away then at the traffic lights i see him put in hair gel and rev his car loud and there are i think birds underneath bonnet, so rspca shud b alerted"
  19. Even the testimonials are funny:

    Jo (Sydney) wrote:
    "I would like to congratulate you on providing this service though I would like to know how will this change individuals driving habits. I am still contemplating on joining your service though I am aware that if I was to take this seriously I would be on here reporting 24 hours a day with the constant drag racing, burnouts and donuts that happen on my doorstep"

    Porbably lives next door to http://www.wsid.com.au/ :p