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rate my tshirt design for NR

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ksystemz, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]


    looked better when the size of the pics bigger

  2. I like the second left one..

    Maybe make a poll?
  3. I like the second left one as well, although I don't mind the first right one either.
  4. both shirts are back and front
  5. Well I'll be damned...

    In that case, I like the back of the first and the front of the second :grin:.
  6. the top 2 are GREAT!!! top chop!!

    the 2nd to are in poor taste [spew!]

  7. A wins ..but not sure on the keychain bit on the front ..

    B, is a bit to ghostrider'ish .. negative/reckless image IMHO .. but am sure some will like the association.
  8. The fonts in the first one look horrid, you may as well have gone with courier. Not a fan of the graphics either.

    The text in the second one is ok but looks like a million and a half other T-shirts hung up at Victoria market.

    Why not keep the original logo (add bling if you want) then add graphics to the rest of the shirt.
  9. good start. lets get some other people working on some designs too. cause id love to get a NR t-shirt...but the current crop just look crap.
  10. The bottom one is great except for the font....
  11. They are both pretty cool, any bloke over 40 might have an issue wearing number 2! Me I like number 1, so that proves it. :cool: :cool:

    Keep thinking outside the box mate. :cool: :cool:
  12. love the dog tag idea. way cool :cool:
  13. ur quite wrong there, the dog tags are not cool. but good effort none the less i like the logo on the bottom of that shirt.
  14. LMAO at phizog and Nicarus. Ya pair of doofuses (or is that doofii?). :LOL:

    I like the top one, but lose the chain (looks more like a weird spring than a chain) and put the tag horizontal.
  15. Dog tag idea has some potential
    the second lot of photos remind me of the early 90's heavy metal t shirts
    All bogan no class.
  16. Way to impose your opinion on someone :?

    Personally, I can only say i like the back of the first one. :)
  17. i can easily make anything, but i was just thinking of ideas, as to put tons of colours onto a shirt is quite pricey. Give me ideas and i will work with them
  18. Gee people, there are more diplomatic ways of critiquing someones creative flare :? Poor form some of you...

    There's honest opinions and then there's honest opinions...

    Anyway ksystemz, i personally like the back of the dog tag one. I really like the font and text effects :)
    I dont mind the dog tag look but i would maybe change the chain part as i think it looks a little too big for the tag?

  19. Nice work Matti .
    I like the dog tag one ,it's different. :cool:
  20. What is it with you, chains & leather??? :rofl:

    I agree, maybe change the chain to a ball chain that is common with dogtags.