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Rare Kawasaki Tool

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by aviper4u, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Hi

    Does anyone have a GPX250 valve adjuster tool? (It's a 9mm socket with screw driver through it, to adjust valve clearances.)

  2. Can you not just use a spanner and screwdriver? Unfortunate if you cannot, perhaps you can get your local Kawasaki dealer/workshop to part with one for cheap if someone cannot lend you one?
  3. I dont think they are that rare, should be able to get one ordered from a kawa dealer.

    I made one, but you dont want that :LOL:

    I think it was posted here in a similar topic, there was one somewhere for
    about $20, they are different to the kawa one but looked like it would work.

    Heres the thread, PM the author and see what he ended up doing

    $27, looks like it would work, but may be hard to get enough leverage?
    Not sure if GPX is 8mm?
  4. Oh, its a serious question :grin:

    I thought you were going to show me old photo's of kawasaki riders :LOL:
  5. I though so too, but then realised that they are not rare.
  6. Get a 9mm tube socket, weld a cheapo ring spanner to it and adjust away! Works on the GTR.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Not even medium. Anything to do with Kawasaki has to be well done.
  8. thx for replies but i dont have access to a welder.

    typhoon: have heard of this suggestion before but not sure if it will low profile enough to adjust the exhaust valves as the cam lobe gets in the way at the adjustment point.

    will give it a try thanks guys
  9. What do you mean about this cam lobe getting in the way?
    They only have to be "pointing" away from the valve, so they can be rotated at least 1/3 of a turn to be in a convenient position.
    Just recheck with them in the specified position once tightened to be sure and everything should be good :grin: