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Rare Imports and Stuff

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Currently looking (with mild interest only) at a 1988 GSXF400. Yep, a grey import of a Japan-market machine which is based on a gixxer 600 frame, I believe, but with the 400 donk and the all-over fairing like the GSXF750.

    Wouldn't be a bad next machine for me as a stopgap between the Spada and something bigger, but I wonder about the pitfalls of having something no-one else has, in terms of parts and so on.
  2. Don't go there. Nightmare for parts and insurance and shops to repair/service.
  3. The GSXF400 shares its engine with the GSX-R400 (probably some changes, i.e. carbs), and uses the same frame as the GSXF600.

    Many parts will be shared/identical with the GSXF600, parts for GSX-R400's are rare, if you are thinking of seriously getting it make sure that the engine will go the distance. In standard form, GSX-R400 engines generally have good reliability.

    Consumable parts (pads, bearings, discs, etc) are never a problem with bikes that shared parts between models.

    The 88-89 models were okay, I wouldn't touch it if it's the earlier model. These late models were pretty good performers.
  4. Mate, I have learnt exactly what the pitfalls of damaging something rare are. It doesnt have to be old to be impossible to get parts for.

    Just make sure its covered by comp insurance.
    At least you'll have a cheque if it goes bush on you.
  5. I'm thinking of spending only a couple of grand on it, and comp insuring it, and upgrading in 6-8 months, so probably not a huge risk unless the ungine goes south - as has been noted (I got it backward in my first post) their frame etc is all GSXF600, so...

    I guess we'll see how we go - definitely will check out the engine before laying the money down.
  6. If it checks out okay, I reckon it would be a good all rounder bravus.

    Depending how neglected it's been, factor a fork oil change in etc, as the suspension on most older grey imports is sloppy.