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Rapid Bikes May 2007 is on sale now

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by vic, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Uh, ok. Why post about it?
  3. Why not?
    It's a product that I like and enjoy.
  4. OK does this mean it will be in the letterbox when I get home.

    It better be *waves angry fist*
  5. then it should arrive in my mail box soon courtesyof the IMR competition prize :grin:
  6. OK, is it just me or is Two Wheel filthy dear now?

    $8.50. I may be getting old, but $8.50 to be advertised at and read the same old same old.

    I just went and bought an Australian Road rider.

    man! what ever happened to the old Streetbike, back before it went to the big format, then dissapered?

    I like the concept of Rapid bike, but everytime I pick it up it seems to be about $20,000 bikes that have had and extra $50,000 thrown at them.

    I'd rather read about the guy that made a uniquie 96 model something using spare change and some clever thinking.
  7. Have you tried to win a subscription?
  8. You have too much spare time, :p just looking for the products I enjoy...where's my misses :p :LOL:

  9. What will you do for the other 23 hours and 56 minutes?
  10. They review the 600cc bikes this issue, nice! Hopefully I will find one in my letterbox soon courtesy of IMR.
  11. Hey,

    Don't know whether i need to buy this or not. Is there an article about dragging at eastern creek, cos I was there with them when they were doing that. And that back page thing where they post th photos at a random corner, is it up near wollombi, a few of the guys said they thaught we mighta past that guy. If either is right, can someone post up so i know to buy :grin:

  12. Dude, it's like $8

    A well spent $8 if you ask me

  13. Yes Paul, your on the back cover ! . . . silver/blue CBR250argh-de-argh-argh ?
    . . . . believe me !!

    now go buy it ! ;)

    BTW, your not leaning enough ! :p
  14. That'd be right, i got me knee down like three corners later, honest :LOL:
  15. I should be looking in my letter box for my free one care to my free subscription by Insuremyride!